We are aware that quality and reliability must be guaranteed throughout the useful product life: this has led us to propose a series of additional assistance services aimed at operation optimization and economic impact reduction for our customers.

That is why we have planned a series of MITA Lifecycle Services.

MITA Life-Cycle Services_Startup & Testing

Startup, testing and training

MITA Water Technologies can provide staff for startup and test phase. Customer’s team can be trained to work on plant as well.

Pieces of information and precautions necessary for machine operations will be provided according to site specific conditions.

Some of the benefits granted to the Customer:

  • Correct operation since the first day
  • Installation optimization
  • Performance test and resolution of any problems before testing
  • Staff training on operation and resolution of critical issues

MITA Life-Cycle Services_Assistance

Technical assistance services and on-site interventions

MITA Water Technologies knows how important it is to keep its equipment valuable and efficient over time. That is why we propose different after-sales assistance level to Customers: from control visits to complete remote management. The goal is to free the Customer from secundary tasks concerning equipment and let him address to his core business.

Available services ensure:

  • Long-term risk minimization
  • Flexible and quick interventions
  • Equipment management and preventive maintenance by proxy
  • Performance keeping
  • Operating cost optimization
  • Eventual grant extension

MITA Life-Cycle Services_Maintenance & Spare parts

Maintenance, repair and spare parts supply

Staff at MITA Water Technologies can provide ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on all systems.

Both programmed and on-call maintenance interventions are possible as a part of different assistance level.

Spare parts are always available for MITA equipment. Supply and storage contracts can be subscribed.

  • Programmed maintenance
  • On-call maintenance
  • Reliability maximation
  • Quality and availability of spare parts

MITA Life-Cycle Services_Emergency Services

Emergency services

A temporary wastewater filtration service can be provided by MITA Water Technologies when needed through a mobile unit. This is also available in cases of extended maintenance and new installations when treatment operations must not be stoped.

This is of particular importance when wastewater treatment is included in a production process: a prolonged shutting down phase can lead to unforeseen loss in productivity.

Our service aim at ensuring:

  • No or minimal process break
  • Machinery available in a short time
  • Contracts with flexible duration

MITA Life-Cycle Services_Revamping & Upgrading

Revamping and upgrade

MITA Water Technologies provides assistance and consultancy for revamping and upgrade works on its equipment for which it may be necessary. This could occur due to changed plant operating conditions or changes in environmental or safety regulations. The goal is to extend their useful life.


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