MAK Water is the New MITA Water Technologies Distributor in Oceania

Mak Water Nuovo Distributore di MITA Water Technologies in Oceania

MITA Water Technologies is proud to partner with MAK Water, new distributor of wastewater treatment technologies in Oceania (excluding French Polynesia).

MAK Water is a leading 20-year experienced water, wastewater and sewage treatment equipment provider, offering standard and customised solutions, service and maintenance. The Company employs 70 people across Australia and has installed more than 4,000 systems throughout Australasia and South-East Asia. Some of the sectors served: mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, infrastructure and urban development, food and beverage, tourism and leisure industry.

MITA primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment solutions will be provided to civil and industrial Oceanian public and private companies thanks to MAK Water.

“MAK Water is pleased to add a new range of filtration and sewage treatment products from MITA Water Technologies”, says MAK Water team, “The Italian company has always been committed to the development of new products and the continuous improvement of existing products and technologies, through their pilot facilities and purpose-built design software”.

More info on MAK Water at this link. See also the solutions by MITA Water Technologies shown on the company website:

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MITA Team 14/11/2023