Remote Control for Wastewater Filtration

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MITA Water Technologies can provide a remotely accessible 24/7 cloth filter control system. The advantages are obvious: real-time monitoring, preliminary data analysis in case of malfunction, optimization of parameters resulting in reduced operating costs and downtime.

Water treatment 4.0

In recent years, industrial production has been increasingly evolving towards Industry 4.0, characterized by the digital interconnection of systems and the possibility of remotely monitoring the performance and operation of machinery. Thus, we are in the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT), which ensures the possibility of real-time control of devices through the installation of instrumentation connected to dedicated software.

It is time for wastewater treatment, civil and industrial, to become 4.0 as well. The advantages are many.

  • Process automation.
  • Optimized control and monitoring in real time.
  • Certainty of performance and proper operation of machinery.
  • Timely interventions in case of malfunctions.
  • Reduction in power consumption, operating costs and downtime.
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Controllo da Remoto Filtrazione Acque Reflue

Remote control of wastewater filtration: operation

MITA Water Technologies has developed cloth filter control software equipped with a remote monitoring system so that all information about the performance and operating status of the units can be made accessible at any time and from anywhere. In this way, wastewater treatment can be optimized to reduce costs and better organize maintenance operations.

The system is equipped with a 4G-LTE telephone connection, which allows it to connect remotely without the need to connect the control panel to a fixed data network (Ethernet or similar) and is therefore installable even in remote and/or hard-to-reach locations. Remote connection to the control panel can be made through any device with an Internet connection, and the interface is optimized for all types of screens (viewable with smartphones, tablets, PCs).

As additional options, the installed gateway allows managing and adding other peripheral devices such as, for example, surveillance cameras.

Remote monitoring of cloth filters: advantages

In detail, the actions that can be taken are as follows:

  • Real-time operation monitoring.
  • Rapid first intervention in case of reports of malfunctions or alarms.
  • Timely planning of targeted maintenance in case of malfunctions.
  • Modification of software parameters to correct and/or optimize process operating conditions.
  • Predictive maintenance, thanks to an algorithm developed for this specific application.
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