Tertiary Filtration of Wastewater

For proper discharge or reuse

Sand, cloth, or membrane filtration: different tertiary treatment methods with different filter media to properly discharge treated water into water bodies. Or for effective reuse of the "blue resource".

Tertiary wastewater filtration: methods and processes

Tertiary filtration of wastewater is a process for separating solid particles from wastewater through a filter medium. It is a mechanical process, meaning that it uses only physical means.Thus, no chemicals or biological processes are used.

Tertiary filtration is an increasingly common process, partly in light of increasingly stringent regulations regarding the quality of purified wastewater. It thus allows treated water to be discharged into surface water bodies, such as rivers and lakes, while complying with regulations and avoiding exorbitant fines. But that’s not all. After a finishing stage with final filtration, it is often possible to reuse the “blue resource” within the company’s internal processes.

Wastewater filtration methods can be distinguished according to the type of filter media used.

  • Sand filtration. This method uses a layer of sand as a filter medium for particles larger than a certain threshold size. A simple and economical type of tertiary wastewater treatment.
  • Cloth filtration. The cloth used as the filter media can be micro-net (and in this case we speak of surface filtration) or free-fiber (depth filtration, analogous to sand filtration): two low-energy methods, with better suspended solids removal efficiency to the advantage of the latter. With special free-fiber cloths, particles up to 5 microns in diameter can be removed without particular difficulty.
  • Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration. The medium in this case is a membrane, with pore sizes as small as 0.1 micron for microfiltration and 0.001 micron for ultrafiltration. These technologies separate most of the suspended solids while preserving the salinity characteristics of the water.
  • Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis. In this case, the filter medium is a semipermeable membrane, which allows the passage of water but not dissolved substances. These are technologies that require upstream water that has already been pre-treated with other filtration systems, and are dedicated to processes of softening, desalination, treatment of particularly resistant dissolved pollutants, and production of pure water for industry.
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Filtration solutions offered by MITA Water Technologies

MITA Water Technologies offers a range of wastewater treatment solutions, including:

  • Sand filters. The classic design, consisting of a layer of sand that retains suspended solid particles in wastewater, with a unique MITA continuous washing system.
  • Free-fiber cloth filters. These are extraordinarily effective systems for removing suspended solids down to less than 10 mg/l. Free fiber allows much more efficient depth filtration than surface filtration-an excellent solution as tertiary treatment of civil wastewater and for industrial water finishing.
  • Biocombi compact plants: these plants combine biological treatment with tertiary wastewater filtration. Biocombi plants are a complete solution for wastewater treatment, especially in small communities (where they are valued for their small footprint, excellent performance and low maintenance requirements).

Tertiary filtration and water cooling: complete industrial water management

Companies are discovering the benefit of water reuse, in terms of resource optimization and process rationalization.

For complete management of the water cycle, aimed at reuse, it is important to consider not only the treatment of wastewater, but also the cooling of process fluids: the heat-disposal phase, which, together with final filtration, provides extraordinary resource savings in the company.

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Case studies in filtration

Cloth Filters and Cooling Towers for Plastic Industry

Cooling and wastewater treatment together: that's the card that proved successful in supporting a plastics equipment company in northern Italy, which was already working with Group company MITA Cooling Technologies. The possibility of water reuse, through comprehensive management of this resource, is a card that industries can exploit to derive value from blue gold.

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Biodiscs and Sand Filters for Coastal Depots of Esso

MITA Water Technologies provided ESSO Italiana with wastewater treatment solutions at the coastal depots in Naples and Palermo. Through the use of continuous regeneration sand filters and Biorulli(r) biodiscs, significant results were achieved, such as reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs, plant modularity, and compliance with current regulations.

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