Water Treatment Solutions for Industrial Consultants

Water management as an opportunity for business

Wastewater treatment is a major issue for businesses and industries: the consequences on human health and natural ecosystems from the discharge of inadequately treated water could be significant. MITA Water Technologies can support environmental consultants and businesses in turning a critical issue into an opportunity for resource optimization and process rationalization.

A sustainable and responsible approach to the water resource.

A sustainable and responsible approach to the water resource. With the goal of preserving water, the environment and health.

Regularization of sewage discharge.

Regularization of sewage discharge. The certainty of complying with an increasingly stringent legislative framework while avoiding penalties.

Cancellation of discharge waivers.

Cancellation of discharge waivers. Discharge waivers come at a cost that can be avoided or at least reduced with appropriate water treatment technologies.

Solutions to support water reuse.

Solutions to support water reuse. Improve water quality to derive maximum value from the resource and optimize industrial processes.

A prepared interlocutor.

A prepared interlocutor. Business consultants and engineering firms can be relieved of part of the design of the sewage treatment plant.

Technologies at the lowest life cycle cost.

Technologies at the lowest life cycle cost. Selection of equipment with affordable CAPEX (initial acquisition and installation) and OPEX (operation and maintenance) expenses.

Why tackle industrial wastewater treatment

It is needless to deny that for many companies, process water treatment is still a major critical issue: the costs involved need careful evaluation (especially for small companies and in times of high input prices). In addition, the space to devote to purification equipment is often very limited.

Most companies face this challenge more to normalize their effluent discharges mainly to public sewers or in special cases to surface water bodies: environmental protection regulations require increasingly stringent discharge parameters (in terms of total suspended solids, BOD and COD, phosphorus, nitrogen). As a result, penalties for poor practices are increasingly exorbitant, in European Union countries and other national contexts.

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Industrial water treatment: the opportunity

Critical issues aside, there are at least a number of arguments for thinking of industrial water treatment as an opportunity instead of a problem: even for small businesses, even in times of “difficult” productivity.

  • When it is difficult to adhere strictly to discharge parameters, many agencies grant certain waivers to companies: but why incur ongoing costs instead of deciding on the acquisition of appropriate solutions? Many water treatment technologies have achieved very good value for money, in terms of both acquisition and installation costs and operation and maintenance: a one-time (or almost one-time) price to avoid continuous outlays and related paperwork.
  • In addition, the benefits of water reuse should be considered. This is an issue to which not only companies, but also national and supranational public bodies that can incentivize them, are increasingly sensitive: reuse is the practice of the 21st century and will be increasingly widespread in order to optimize the use of this resource (however wasteful) and the rationalization of its processes.

MITA solutions for industrial water treatment

MITA Water Technologies can give support to enterprises in the treatment and reuse of industrial water.

We can provide a range of assets to different industries.

  • Water treatment Technologies. We intervene in multiple stages of purification and with water of different quality, always starting from experiments with pilot units. For each type of treatment (mechanical or biological, for the removal of suspended solids or organic matter), we try to select the most efficient and at the same time most cost-effective solution: both in terms of acquisition and installation costs and in terms of ROI.
  • Consulting Engineers. When it comes to water management, companies often rely on consultants and engineering firms: we are first and foremost an ally for these professionals, helping to design part of their plant and providing the most complete and compliant information as required.
  • Group synergies. We are part of the MITA Group, a team active in process water management. This is why we offer not only wastewater treatment, but also cooling solutions: this is to “close the circle” in supporting companies with respect to this resource so important to the economy.
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Some MITA projects

Water Treatment and Cooling Systems for Vedani Group

Various industrial water treatment technologies as well as cooling technologies: since 1995 MITA Water Technologies has provided multiple solutions, together with its "sister" company MITA Cooling Technologies, for the complete water management of Vedani Group, which has been active in aluminum processing since 1982.

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Wastewater treatment will increasingly be a resource efficiency and optimization opportunity for organizations in both civil and industrial settings.