Decantatori Lamellari Flowpack con Telaio F

Flowpack Lamellar Decanters with F Frame

placed in the tank for sludge sedimentation

They are a solution consisting of the parallel-channel lamellar pack only. F-frame Flowpack lamellar decanters are usually used for upgrading existing settlers or for housing in concrete tanks.


Modularity. Multiple framed packs can be easily installed if the performance of the treatment plant needs to be scaled up.

Very low pressure drop.

Very low pressure drop. Effect of efficient distribution of effluent by lamellar packs.

Space saving.

Space saving. This is enabled by their compact design, which optimizes the use of water treatment facilities.

Easy positioning.

Easy positioning. Lightweight structure that can be easily managed during installation.

Remarkable resistance.

Remarkable resistance. Most chemical and biological agents do not pose a criticality.


Cost-effectiveness. They represent a cost-effective solution for improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment processes.

F-frame lamellar decanters: description and operation

Decanters or lamellar pack settlers are useful solutions for separating, by gravity, sludge floccules from water. Their structure consists of the module packs, for separation of suspended solids, to the hopper with inclined side for settling the solids themselves.

In some water treatment plants, there are already sedimenters or concrete sludge sedimentation tanks, made specifically for the purpose of housing lamellar packs: in both cases, it is useful to install F-frame lamellar decanters, consisting of the lamellar pack only, as a useful complement to existing structures.

This MITA solution consists of parallel channels made of rigid polystyrene, stabilized against UV rays, and enclosed in an AISI 304 retaining frame. Depending on the greater or lesser width of the channels, lamellar packs of this type can be classified into three types: series F – L, series F – I and series F – S. All have a 60° angle of inclination to facilitate settling.

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