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Dissolved Air Flotation Units

for water clarification

Dissolved air flotation units are devices used in water treatment processes to separate suspended solids and other particles by forming bubbles that attack solid particles to make them less dense and rise to the surface as sludge or foam. They are used in primary civil wastewater treatments and in industries such as paper, food and oil & gas. MITA Water Technologies offers Mitadaf, a highly efficient system that combines uniform hydrodynamics and microbubble filtration.

High efficiency.

High efficiency. Effect of the combined system of uniform hydrodynamics and microbubble bed filtration.

Simplicity and reliability.

Simplicity and reliability. These are devices that are easy and manageable and require less maintenance than other treatment technologies.

Reduced load on other processes.

Reduced load on other processes. Flotation units lighten the pollutant load on upstream solutions for more efficient operation of the entire treatment plant.


Adaptability. These solutions find use in both civil and a wide variety of industrial processes. This is due to the circularity of the tank and the reduced working volume.

Reduced chemical consumption.

Reduced chemical consumption. Flotation units often reduce the need for additional wastewater treatment products.

Reduced footprint.

Reduced footprint. An advantage for facilities with limited space, especially in industrial settings.

Dissolved Air Flotaion units: description and operation.

These are devices used in wastewater treatment processes to remove suspended solids and other particles in water, such as oils, grease, and sediment: the operating principle of dissolved air flotation units involves dissolving air in water at atmospheric pressure and then releasing it at a low-pressure point within the device. When the air is released, small bubbles form in the water, which attach to solid particles: this causes suspended solids and other particles to become less dense than the surrounding water and, as a result, rise to the surface. This forms a layer of sludge or foam that can be easily removed.

In civil sewage treatment plants, dissolved air flotaion units often intervene at the primary treatment level, upstream of subsequent technologies. On the other hand, there is certainly no shortage of case studies for industrial wastewater: paper mills, food companies, and the oil & gas sector are just a few examples.

As a dissolved air flotation solution, MITA Water Technologies has designed Mitadaf: a very high-efficiency system resulting from the combined system of uniform hydrodynamics and microbubble bed filtration.

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    Water Treatment and Cooling Systems for Vedani Group

    Various industrial water treatment technologies as well as cooling technologies: since 1995 MITA Water Technologies has provided multiple solutions, together with its "sister" company MITA Cooling Technologies, for the complete water management of Vedani Group, which has been active in aluminum processing since 1982.

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    Paper mills

    Historically, paper mills represent one of the first applications of dissolved air flotation systems. Mitadaf flotation machines are used in paper mills for two different applications. The main use is as a process machine: Mitadaf allows the recovery of most of the paper fibers that make up the raw material and that would otherwise be lost with the cloth wash water. Secondly, Mitadaf is used for wastewater purification treatment, particularly for the removal of suspended solids and COD related to them. In both cases, Mitadaf is the ideal solution for optimizing solids recovery yield due to the effectiveness of its air dissolving system. The wide range of models that MITA Water Technologies makes available enables it to meet the needs of both smaller and larger installations.

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    Trattamento Acque Reflue per Industria Dolciaria

    Confectionery industries

    One of the main applications of the Mitadaf flotation system is the pre-treatment of wastewater in confectionery industries. Different production lines are stottoposed to frequent washing both for hygienic issues and when products with different characteristics are produced. Process waters in confectionery industries are characterized by high contents of suspended solids, COD and fats. Mitadaf, used as pre-treatment upstream of biological treatment, or prior to discharge to the sewer, allows these parameters to be substantially reduced. This makes it possible to reduce the size and optimize the operation of any downstream biological plant. Alternatively, a lower pollutant load allows companies to discharge their effluent into the sewer system while falling within the values required by Legislative Decree No. 152/99. Mitadaf, thanks to its small size, can be easily placed even in small spaces. It is so simple to operate that no specialized personnel are required to run the plant.

    Delicatessen Factories

    Exit water from delicatessen factories contains high contents of fats and suspended solids, resulting from the meat processing and bagging process. The presence of these substances can create problems for the biological wastewater treatment plant; the fats inhibit the development of bacterial flora, and the high pollutant loads require large treatment plants with high effluent residence times in the biological treatment tanks. In this context, Mitadaf intervenes on both fronts. Used as pretreatment, it enables the removal of grease and suspended solids with extremely high efficiencies, thanks to its innovative air dissolving system.

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    Chiarificazione per Impianti Biologici

    Primary and secondary clarification for biological plants

    Mitadaf is widely used as a clarification step in biological plants of all capacities. Because of its high suspended solids removal efficiency, Mitadaf is useful for primary clarification of effluent because it allows the use of extremely small spaces. Its solids removal efficiency is such that it drastically reduces the sizing of subsequent treatment steps. For the same reasons it is also applied for secondary clarification, with an additional advantage. The sludge extracted by the floater has about twice the density of the sludge extracted by a conventional sedimentation system. This reduces the cost of sludge disposal or construction of the sludge treatment line, if any. In addition, a denser sludge is recirculated, with obvious savings on the amount of recirculation and consequently on the size of the oxidation tank.

    Dairy industries

    This is a very similar application to dairy factories. In these companies, washing occurs frequently and the wastewater is rich in grease and highly biodegradable solids. The pollutant load is very high and the treatment of this water requires the construction of large plants even when the flow rates involved are relatively low. Mitadaf in this context finds wide use as pre-treatment. Its small size allows it to be installed even on existing plants or otherwise where space problems exist. Dissolved air quickly brings solids and grease to the surface, without problems of odors and with extremely high removal efficiency. This reduces the pollutant load and thus the size of the entire plant. Mitadaf is also often used on existing plants that need to be upgraded.

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    Trattamento Acque Reflue per Industria Petrolifera

    Petroleum industries

    Oil depots and refineries are large-scale establishments. Rainwater and runoff falling on yards and buildings must necessarily be treated before discharge. In addition to these, there is also general clearing and washing water. A peculiar feature of these waters is the presence of oils in considerable quantities. Mitadaf is an effective solution for their removal. To the advantage of flotation there are certainly removal efficiency, small footprint, and the possibility of fitting the machine into the context of an existing plant. If the company is already equipped with its own biological purification plant, Mitadaf allows it to increase its efficiency by removing upstream all substances that could inhibit the proper functioning of the biological process.

    Textile industries

    The water leaving these companies is rich in fibers that escape from the various washing processes to which raw wool is subjected. The raw material is rich in solids, fats and organics, which are removed with the washing waters. Abundant amounts of surfactants from the detergents used for washing are then found within the waters. Mitadaf has proven to be an effective solution for treating these waters, upstream of evetual biological and/or chemical/physical processes. It allows the removal of about 80 percent of the fats and solids contained in the waters, and performs a partial abatement on surfactants related to them as well. The microbubbles of air generated in the saturator and released in the flotation tank are so fine that they do not cause foaming despite the high surfactant contents.

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    First Rainwater

    Runoff from yards, parking lots, and storage facilities must necessarily be treated before it can be conveyed to the drain. Such waters are mainly rich in particulate matter, oils from mechanical machinery and equipment, and suspended solids. The quantities of water involved are very high and absolutely lack constancy because they are linked to weather events, both in frequency and intensity. In these cases, the optimal solution is to provide storage of sufficient capacity to contain all the water to be treated, which will be treated later. For the removal of oils and suspended solids, Mitadaf is an excellent solution. Its small footprint, ease of placement and operation, and high solids and oil removal yield mean that the effluent at the outlet can be conveyed to the final discharge, consistent with relevant regulations.

    Upgrading existing flotation units

    All Mitadaf flotation units from MITA Water Technologies are equipped with the Mitasat air saturator, which is the heart of the flotation process. Mitasat makes it possible to create the air-water mixture required for flotation purposes. In addition to our flotation units, we provide Mitasat separately for upgrading existing flotation units, with the aim of maximizing their performance. The high efficiency of dissolving air in water allows us to maximize the performance of even equipment that we do not manufacture. Mitasat also uses all the compressed air that is introduced into it, thus leading to significant savings.

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