Disoleatori Oilpack con Telaio O

Oilpack Oil Separators with O-Frame

To be placed in tank for separation of oils

MITA Water Technologies offers an oil separation option with only lamella pack enclosed in a stainless steel frame. This system can be installed in existing tanks or in new specially made tanks, resulting in a complete oil separation system.


Scalability. O-frame lamella packs can also be added in series at later times from the first installation, especially if the effluent to be treated increases.

Efficiency in separation.

Efficiency in separation. Lamella-pack oil separators are very effective in separating oils and light hydrocarbons precisely because of the 45-degree inclined lamellae within the system.

Easy maintenance.

Easy maintenance. The components of the solution require little post-installation work.

Oilpack lamella packs with O-frame: description and operation

Lamina pack oil removers are very efficient solutions for water-oil separation, but the customer, from the civil or industrial sector, does not always need a complete solution of pack plus tank: in this regard, MITA Water Technologies also allows you to choose a version of the oil removal system with only the lamella pack, enclosed in a stainless steel frame, to be inserted in existing tanks or specially made for the purpose.

Oilpack’s O-frame lamella packs consist of the lamella pack only, inclined at 45°, stabilized against UV rays, and made up of parallel channels made of rigid polystyrene enclosed in an AISI 304 retaining frame. The channels themselves are also laterally buffered with polypropylene sheets. Oilpack solutions with O-frames are usually used for housing in concrete tanks, which are specially made for the purpose of housing lamella packs.

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