Filtri a Tela a Fibra Libera PEC

PEC - PEC VM Disc Filters

filter area from 10m² to 160m²

With these free-fiber filtration systems, we get to serve medium to large sewage treatment plants with minimal floor space requirements. Not only that. In the PEC and PEC VM disc filters, backwashing with sequentially driven pumps provides the machine with operational continuity in water treatment, consequently avoiding the need to provide a back-up unit.

Very high filtration yields.

Very high filtration yields. Due to the depth filtration of the free-fiber cloth. TSS concentrations up to 5 mg/l expected at discharge, depending on application.

Reduced energy use.

Reduced energy use. Gravity filtration, power consumption only in backwash phase.

Operational continuity.

Operational continuity. Filtration is continuous during counter-current cloth washing.

Flexibility with different loads.

Flexibility with different loads. Self-adjustment according to input parameters.

Easy maintenance.

Easy maintenance. Simplicity and reduced frequency of intervention.

Minimum life cycle cost.

Minimum life cycle cost. Low investment (CAPEX), maintenance and resource utilization (OPEX) costs result in optimal return on investment.

PEC and PEC VM Cloth Filters: available versions

Filtri a tela Standard

Basic Version

Backwash works with only one pump at a time-an additional energy saver.

Filtri a Tela HD

HD version

Backwash works with one or two pumps at a time: great versatility of operation.

Filtri a Tela FHD

FHD Version

Backwash works with only two pumps at a time: fast and efficient tele-washing.

PEC and PEC VM water filtration disc filters: system description

With cloth filters in general, and with PEC and PEC VM disc filters in particular, depth filtration similar to that of sand filters is achieved both in terms of mode of operation and suspended solids removal yield.

The largest model in this series has a number of discs equal to 32, a filtering area of 160 m2 with a floor space of only 20 m2. On the industrial side, companies can choose PEC and PEC VM filters for pre-spill process water finishing in rivers and lakes or pre-use.

The peculiarity of the PEC – PEC VM series (especially in comparison with PPC – PPC VM, which have similar structural features) is in the backwashing of the plies: the pumps, each of which is slaved to three or four discs, are operated sequentially, so that the functionality of the system is never interrupted.

The PEC – PEC VM solution responds particularly flexibly and reliably in cases of unmanned plants with high and extremely variable loads. The different models available can be installed in parallel, thus realizing plants of various capacities. Two versions are available: for installation in concrete tank (PEC) and with metal tank (PEC VM).

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