Story of MITA Water Technologies

Fifty years of wastewater treatment

Many are the years in which we have supported engineers and consultants of public and private companies in the management of water and its reuse. A history experienced as a responsibility to clients and stakeholders in the civil and industrial spheres.

Since 1971 protagonists of wastewater treatment

Biodischi per Impianti Compatti Biocombi


Founded as a division of MITA, specializing in the production of wastewater treatment equipment.

Logo MITA Biorulli


Independent company under the brand name "MITA Biorulli".

Storia dei Filtri a Tela MITA


Acquisition of Simeco (formerly Mecana Italia) adding to the portfolio the production of fabric disc filters for the domestic market only. The design of fabric disc filters was developed and improved.

Filtri a Tela MITA con 28 Dischi


MITA Biorulli builds the world's first Polstoff cloth filter with 28 discs.

Commercializzazione Mondiale dei Filtri a Tela MITA


Launched worldwide commercialization of cloth filters.

Logo quadrato MITA Water Technologies


Change the name of the company to MITA Water Technologies.

Grandi Filtri a Tela MITA nell'Impianto di Depurazione di Cuma


- MITA Water Technologies participates in the installation of the world's largest Polstoff cloth disc filter plant.
- Due to increased production and company size, relocation to a new independent warehouse takes place.


Further increase in production and new move to a new 3,500 m2 warehouse.

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Industrial and civil wastewater treatment technologies

Simplicity, reliability ... and the lowest product life cycle cost: water treatment solutions from MITA Water Technologies.

Our support throughout the product life cycle

We offer a series of additional support services for our customers: the MITA Lifecycle Services.
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A sustainable and efficient solution for every industry and need

Wastewater treatment will increasingly be a resource efficiency and optimization opportunity for organizations in both civil and industrial settings.