Decantatori Lamellari Flowpack con Telaio F

Flowpack Lamella Decanters Monobloc FM

for sludge sedimentation

Solid-liquid separation, sludge decanting, water clarification for further finishing operations-all these are represented by the FM Monoblock Series lamella decanters. Compact, efficient and space-saving solution. Simplicity of operation and very low product life cycle costs are pluses appreciated by customers in the civil and industrial fields.

High Efficiency.

High Efficiency. Due to the increased sedimentation area allowed by lamellar packs compared to similar solutions, these devices increase the overall efficiency of wastewater treatment plants.

Ease of installation and management.

Ease of installation and management. Smooth operation and low maintenance requirements simplify system operation, resulting in economic benefits.

Remarkable resistance.

Remarkable resistance. Most chemical and biological agents are not critical.

Very low pressure drop.

Very low pressure drop. Effect of efficient distribution of effluent by lamella packs.


Modularity. Multiple decanters can be easily installed if the performance of the treatment plant needs to be scaled up.

Space saving.

Space saving. This is enabled by their compact design, which optimizes the use of water treatment facilities.

FM-Monoblock lamella decanters: description and operation

The purpose of lamella decanters is the separation of solids and liquids, by means of the parcel structure with more or less wide reeds. Water clarification then takes place as a result of gravity sedimentation of the solid components. Monobloc FM lamellar decanters summarize these different functions in a compact and space-saving structure.

The Monoblock FM series consists of:

  • containment tank that can be made of either treated and painted carbon steel or stainless steel (or steel according to customer requirements),
  • parallel-channel lamella pack made of UV-stabilized rigid polystyrene,
  • surface overflow channel in,
  • intermediate feed flow distributor.

Special materials and executions are available upon request.

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