Saturatori d'Aria Mitasat per Flottatori

Mitasat MS Microbubble Reactor for Flotation Units

For water dissolution of compressed air

The Mitasat reactor is a key component of the dissolved air flotation process, with high efficiency in the generation of microbubbles of air and no need for excess air release valves. Made of AISI 316 stainless steel and certified according to pressure vessel regulations, it is used in civil and industrial biological plants for sludge clarification and thickening. It is also ideal for oxygenation in activated sludge biological plants and performance improvement in existing flotation plants.

High saturation efficiency.

High saturation efficiency. Greater than 90%.

Easy monitoring.

Easy monitoring. Due to the automatic control of the air input.

Simple system.

Simple system. No excess air release valves are required.

Microbubble reactor for floaters: description and operation

The Mitasat reactor is the heart of the dissolved air flotation process: a high-efficiency device that generates the microbubbles, allowing the complete saturation of the air fed into the effluent, with no relief valves for excess air.

Constructed entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel, it is tested and certified in accordance with current regulations on pressure vessels with gas.

This solution is applied in civil and industrial biological plants for the separation of sludge, primary and secondary, through its thickening. Due to its functional characteristics and high efficiency, it is also an excellent solution for transferring oxygen in activated sludge biological plants and other biological treatment systems. Mitasat can also improve the performance of existing flotation plants using other species of microbubble generators.

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