Sistemi di Ossidazione Biorulli Rulli Dischi B240

Biorulli® Biorotors B 240

2.4 m disc diameter and concrete tank

B 240 series biorotors are a cost-effective version for medium-sized biodiscs for biological treatment of industrial and civil wastewater to be installed in concrete tanks. Small footprint and easy and simple installation.

Extreme flexibility with load variations.

Extreme flexibility with load variations. The system is insensitive to large variations (plus or minus) in both biological and hydraulic load, even if they last for many hours. It does not suffer from a lack of influent even protracted for several days.

Beneficial solution.

Beneficial solution. Extremely low initial acquisition costs.

Easy installation.

Easy installation. Compactness, small size and limited need for civil works make it an easily manageable solution.

Minimum lifecycle cost.

Minimum lifecycle cost. Low acquisition, maintenance and resource utilization costs for excellent return on investment.

Modularity and scalability.

Modularity and scalability. Facilities can be upgraded at later times by adding additional units.

Rapid, mechanical starting.

Rapid, mechanical starting. The system starts up in a short time (10÷15 days) without the need for insemination.

Biorulli® Biorotors B 240: description

The B 240 Biorotors consist of plastic biodiscs with a diameter of 2.4 meters: a medium to high size of active surface area, yet with small overall dimensions that facilitate handling and installation. As in the other Biorulli® series, bacterial flora forms on the discs and, feeding on oxygen from the air, then degrades the organic matter in the water (in a continuous cycle of immersion and emersion). The series has already found extensive use in various installations, both civil and industrial.

Biorulli® B-series biodiscs (biorotors) consist of a painted carbon steel tubular shaft on which sandwich discs of different diameters are keyed. These rollers are used in water purification plants and are housed in suitably shaped tanks, which can be trapezoidal or semicircular, depending on the needs of the plant. They are arranged in different flow patterns, such as in series and/or in parallel, depending on the capacity of the plant, the degree of purification required and the BOD5 (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) content in the incoming water. In addition, the disc rollers in their standard version are supplied complete with rolling bearings and a motion transmission device. These components are essential for the proper operation of the water purification system.

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Some case studies with Biorulli®

Biodiscs and Sand Filters for Coastal Depots of Esso

MITA Water Technologies provided ESSO Italiana with wastewater treatment solutions at the coastal depots in Naples and Palermo. Through the use of continuous regeneration sand filters and Biorulli(r) biodiscs, significant results were achieved, such as reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs, plant modularity, and compliance with current regulations.

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