Trattamento Acqua per Industria Chimica

Water Treatment for the Chemical Industry

Toxicity and significant organic components often characterize chemical industry wastewater. Some of MITA Water Technologies’ solutions facilitate the removal of pollutants, especially downstream of physical-chemical treatments: Biorulli® biodiscs, lamella-pack decanters, and free-fiber cloth filters.

Examples of areas:

Examples of areas: Companies producing detergents, cosmetics, paints, agricultural fertilizers.

Main requirements:

Main requirements: organic matter removal, securing water polluted by toxic factors, sludge separation generated by physical-chemical treatment.

Process water treatment in the chemical industry

Wastewater produced by the chemical industry often has certain peculiarities: it can often contain a wide range of substances such as solvents, reagents, oils or greases, and other impurities related to production processes. It is not uncommon for the substances dissolved in the effluent to be derived from organic synthesis.

Thus, here are some requirements that, by way of example, can be noted.

  • Toxicity and chemical pollutants. The components listed so far can increase the hazardous levels of wastewater, affecting human health and the environment if not properly treated.
  • pH changes. This is a factor often common to water from chemical processing. Consequently, appropriate treatments (often chemical in nature themselves) must be conducted to ensure that the water meets environmental standards.
  • Water conservation and reuse. As an industry that often uses large quantities of this resource (especially fresh water), the need to carry out circular processes and make eco-efficiency in the chemical industry is keenly felt.

These are illustrative needs, based on the experience of MITA Water Technologies: before selecting the best water treatment solution, it is good to always conduct tests with pilot units (to evaluate the optimal solution for the target).

Trattamento Acqua per Industria Chimica

MITA solutions for chemical industry wastewater

We have seen how substances dissolved in chemical industry wastewater are often derived from organic synthesis and are, therefore, very often biodegradable.

For the degradation of such pollutants, MITA Water Technologies offers an extremely simple but effective solution: the Biorulli® biological oxidation system with rotating contactors. Biorulli® “biodiscs” are composed of numerous plastic discs, which are alternately immersed and brought back into contact with the air: the oxygen in the environment stimulates the formation of a flora of aerobic bacteria which, once immersed, degrade the organic matter into easily removable sludge.

In addition, wastewater produced by this type of industry is often treated with chemical and physical treatments. Two MITA solutions successfully fit downstream of such treatments for separating the sludge generated (depending on the quantity and quality of the effluent): the Flowpack lamella-pack decanters and the aforementioned Biorulli® biodiscs.

Finally, for the final filtration of suspended solids in quantities comparable to tens of mg/l, one of the most efficient solutions remains free-fiber cloth filters: mechanical strength, very high particle separation yield, energy use limited to the cloth backwashing stages.

Finally, for final filtration of suspended solids in amounts comparable to tens of mg/l, one of the most efficient solutions remain free-fiber cloth filters: mechanical strength, very high particle separation yield, energy utilization limited to cloth backwash steps.

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