Mitadaf MD Flottatori ad Aria Disciolta

Mitadaf MD Dissolved Air Flotation Units

For flotation of suspended solids, oils and fats

Mitadaf is the dissolved air flotation (DAF) system developed by MITA Water Technologies. Its outstanding efficiency in separating solids from liquid and thickening sludge comes from a unique approach that combines the use of microbubbles of air, produced by our Mitasat MS, with a uniform effluent hydrodynamic system.

Efficient cleaning.

Efficient cleaning. Effect of the continuous cleaning system of the inner wall.

Easy maintenance.

Easy maintenance. Inspection window for flotation control.

High efficiency.

High efficiency. Due to the combined system of uniform hydrodynamics and microbubble bed filtration.

Simplicity and reliability.

Simplicity and reliability. An easy-to-operate device with lower maintenance requirements than other treatment technologies.


Adaptability. Solution suitable for various civil and industrial processes, the latter having a varied range of applications under its belt.

Small footprint.

Small footprint. The system requires relatively small space, proving advantageous especially in industrial settings.

Dissolved Air Flotation Units (DAF) Mitadaf MD: description and operation

Mitadaf is a dissolved air flotation system. Its outstanding efficiency of solid/liquid separation and/or sludge thickening is the result of the combined system of uniform hydrodynamics and microbubble bed filtration-an equipment developed by MITA Water Technologies.

  1. The fulcrum of the Mitadaf system is the multifunctional central column, through which raw effluent inlet into the tank, clarified effluent recovery, and sludge outlet take place. Raw water, suitably saturated with air through the Mitasat solution, is introduced into the flotation tank from a series of holes located at the bottom of the central column.
  2. The incoming mix, propelled by microbubbles of air, immediately reaches the surface with a homogeneous distribution over the entire flotation area (uniform hydrodynamic system).
  3. The rapid ascent promotes surface accumulation of sludge, which is continuously removed, without mantle disturbance, by a special radial collector.
  4. At the same time, the clarified effluent, in order to reach the outlet slots located at the lowest part of the central column, has to pass through a filter bed of microbubbles of air, which retains any residual flocs. This provides considerably higher separation efficiency than other flotation systems.

It is a solution that allows the use of chemicals to increase plant performance. At the customer’s request, automatic control of the thickness of the float can also be operated.

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