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The reliability of an innovative and efficient technology provider

Efficient technologies at the lowest product cycle cost, BIM models for integration with upstream and downstream technologies, technical preparation on the solutions provided: how can we be even more supportive for those who have to win a tender in municipal water treatment? Probably, with the strength of a Group that has been active for 60 years.

Technologies at the lowest lifecycle cost

Technologies at the lowest lifecycle cost Selection of equipment with affordable CAPEX (initial acquisition and installation) and OPEX (operation and maintenance) expenses.

A trained interlocutor.

A trained interlocutor. Enterprise consultants and engineering firms can be supported in the design of the sewage treatment plant.

References in the municipal field.

References in the municipal field. Active installations for 50 years in Italy and abroad.

BIM models.

BIM models. To support equipment integration with complete sewage treatment plants.

Efficiency and simple management.

Efficiency and simple management. For different stages of water treatment.

Solutions to support the circular economy.

Solutions to support the circular economy. To extract maximum value from the water resource through reuse.

Designing a new water treatment plant: which technologies to select?

Civil engineering firm engineers, now it’s your turn.

The contract is awarded: the design of a new civil wastewater treatment plant is up to you. It is certainly important to select innovative and efficient technologies, but also to find responsible and reliable partners.

While it is important to comply with the parameters at the final discharge specified by the regulations (e.g., limits on BOD, COD, SST, P, N), it is also important to ensure seamless integration between the technologies selected for the different treatment steps.

Another, “non-technical” parameter: the soundness of the supplier companies. This is definitely an important aspect, in order not to leave a piece of the work unfinished.

Engineers from civil engineering firms, how can we be of support to you with these challenges?

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Studi di Ingegneria Civili nel Trattamento Acque Reflue

Water treatment equipment manufacturer's proposal

As MITA Water Technologies, manufacturers of efficient and cost-effective water treatment technologies, we wish to be that partner who actively supports technical studies throughout the entire course of design.

One of our main focuses has been tertiary filtration for more than two decades: thanks to pile cloth filters, an extremely efficient depth filtration technology, managing agencies are guaranteed high removal yields of total suspended solids (TSS) and phosphorus. We can provide different solutions for the different treatment stages (primary, secondary, tertiary), selecting the most efficient and easy-to-manage technologies over time: therefore also cost-effective.

  • Lamella-pack Decanters and Oil Settlers for the removal of total suspended solids, oils and grease at the primary level.
  • Biorulli® biological treatment systems: classic, RBC-type biomass-added technology that is extremely simple and has a marked ability to adapt to fluctuations in inlet load.
  • Biocombi® compact systems, combine biological treatment and filtration for the integration of secondary and tertiary treatment in small communities and small installation spaces.

Not only that. For all MITA-manufactured equipment, up-to-date BIM models are available-an innovation that supports the work of integrating our equipment into existing and non-existing municipal wastewater treatment plants.

References and participation in MITA Group

Having worked with a number of engineering firms around the world, we are familiar with the typical difficulties faced by plant design professionals: this is evidenced by numerous installations in municipal wastewater treatment plants.

We have always maintained two focuses in our proposal: treatment efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the life cycle of the delivered product. In addition, participation in MITA Group, active since 1960 in both purification and cooling of industrial and civil water, is a proof of our solidity.

Technical studies, can we be a valuable ally in a job as complex and fascinating as the treatment and reuse of municipal wastewater?

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Some MITA projects

Water Treatment and Cooling Systems for Vedani Group

Various industrial water treatment technologies as well as cooling technologies: since 1995 MITA Water Technologies has provided multiple solutions, together with its "sister" company MITA Cooling Technologies, for the complete water management of Vedani Group, which has been active in aluminum processing since 1982.

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Simplicity, reliability ... and the lowest product life cycle cost: water treatment solutions from MITA Water Technologies.

Our support throughout the product life cycle

We offer a series of additional support services for our customers: the MITA Lifecycle Services.
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