Water Treatment and Cooling

Complete management of the water cycle, signed by MITA

Wastewater purification and heat disposal of the blue resource are the two aspects of efficient water reuse, convenient for organizations and beneficial to the environment. MITA Water Technologies, part of MITA Group, can provide integrated solutions for both areas. Since 1960.

Water treatment and cooling: why consider an integrated system

Water reuse is a beneficial practice for both the planet and businesses: we are increasingly aware of this after the numerous global events that highlight the difficulty of managing this resource.

The essential (and minimum) step to achieve this result is to equip your company or community with an adequate wastewater treatment system equipped with the appropriate purification phases (pre-treatments, biological treatments, finishing with filtration, …) . However, a truly integrated system for the management of civil and industrial water also includes a cooling phase.

Both the removal of pollutants and the disposal of heat allow the development of the circular water economy within organizations: they are two sides of the same coin.

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Water reuse through cloth filtration and process cooling

The quality of wastewater from a company or civil community differs greatly depending on the characteristics of the organization itself. Consequently, values ​​such as total suspended solids, BOD/COD, phosphorus differ greatly… In the purification of municipal wastewater, the three standard treatment phases are always foreseen, while the industrial water management processes depend from plant to plant.

However, a phase that is often considered necessary is that of final filtration: following this type of process, the quantity of suspended solids is often close to 5-10 mg/l and the treated water can be reused in many civil and industrial processes ( but not for drinking water). In the field of final (or tertiary) filtration, free-fiber cloth filters are increasingly appreciated for their very high particle removal efficiency.

Coming then to the heat rejection phase, there are many existing cooling solutions: evaporative cooling towers (which themselves work using water as a cooling medium) are renowned for their high efficiency, while dry coolers only use electricity to dispose of the heat (therefore with zero water used). The best meeting point between efficiency and resource optimization is represented by adiabatic dry coolers.

MITA Group solutions for the complete management of the water cycle

So, water management in industrial or civil processes: problem or opportunity?

MITA Group has always believed in integrated water management systems as an efficiency tool for organizations, offering both treatment (MITA Water Technologies) and cooling (MITA Cooling Technologies) solutions for its customers.

Below are some of the solutions proposed in the two areas.

  • Free-fiber cloth filters. An extremely effective solution for tertiary filtration and reuse of the blue resource: high solids removal yields (<5 mg/l), reduced energy use during the backwashing phases of the cloths, extremely low life cycle cost.
  • Biorulli® rotating biological contactors. Compact and modular system for the degradation of organic substances present in the wastewater via aerobic bacteria.
  • PME-E series evaporative cooling towers. A lightweight, non-corrosive fiberglass open-loop cooling system.
  • PAD-V adiabatic dry coolers. Ideal for saving water and energy while maintaining high efficiency. The functions can be automated from the control panel depending on the time of day and year.
  • MITA Systems cooling stations. For more efficient and automatic management of evaporative towers and coolers: they are complete with hot and cold water containment tank, dosing and control systems for the conditioning product, control panels.
  • Remote monitoring solutions. Treatment technologies and coolers can be equipped with “industry 4.0” control panels: performance, use of resources, maintenance just a click away.

Complete water management with treatment and cooling: advantages

  • Treated water that does not clog the internal components of the cooler (with upstream treatment line).
  • Cooled water, for less maintenance of the treatment lines (with upstream cooling line).
  • The system as a whole gains in efficiency and saves resources.
  • Experience since 1960 in water management.
  • A single interlocutor for the complete cycle.
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Filtri a Tela e Torre di Raffreddamento per Industria della Plastica

Cloth Filters and Cooling Towers for Plastic Industry

Cooling and wastewater treatment together: that's the card that proved successful in supporting a plastics equipment company in northern Italy, which was already working with Group company MITA Cooling Technologies. The possibility of water reuse, through comprehensive management of this resource, is a card that industries can exploit to derive value from blue gold.

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