Services and Assistance in Water Treatment

Our support throughout the product life cycle

We understand that quality and reliability must be guaranteed throughout the lifetime of products. That is why we offer a series of additional support services for our customers: the MITA Lifecycle Services.

Test Pilota nel Trattamento Acque Reflue

Pilot Testing for Wastewater Treatment

MITA Water Technologies offers a pilot testing service for the treatment of difficult-to-purify wastewater: performed using pilot filtration or biological treatment units that reproduce actual plant operating conditions, the tests allow the identification of the correct plant sizing.

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Ordinary Maintenance

We recognize the importance of maintaining the value and efficiency of its equipment over time. For this reason, MITA Water Technologies offers its Customers different levels of after-sales service.

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Manutenzione Ordinaria Sistemi di Trattamento Acque Reflue
Servizi di Avviamento nel Trattamento Acque Reflue

Startup, testing and training

MITA Water Technologies can provide staff both for start-up and testing of its equipment and for training services to the Customer's personnel who are then to operate the plant. The staff is able to provide all guidance and arrangements useful for operating the machines according to site-specific conditions.

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Extraordinary Maintenance and Spare Parts

Efficiency and safety even after extraordinary events: MITA Water Technologies always offers extraordinary maintenance and spare parts supply service for its wastewater treatment equipment through qualified personnel both in Italy and abroad. Key spare parts are also always in stock and can be supplied quickly. Advantages for customers: availability of repairs on call, quality of spare parts supplied.

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Ricambi nel Trattamento Acque Reflue
Controllo da Remoto Filtrazione Acque Reflue

Remote Control

MITA Water Technologies can provide a remotely accessible 24/7 cloth filter control system. The advantages are obvious: real-time monitoring, preliminary data analysis in case of malfunction, optimization of parameters resulting in reduced operating costs and downtime.

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Revamping and Upgrading

Engineers, contractors, and wastewater treatment consultants know this well: both the operating conditions of plants and the regulations to manage them change over time. And so do flow rates and wastewater treatment needs. MITA Water Technologies offers these professionals assistance and advice in revamping and upgrading their equipment. The purpose is twofold: increased performance, extended product life.

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Revamping e Upgrade nel Trattamento Acque Reflue

Services and assistance in wastewater treatment: at a glance

MITA Lifecycle Services complement MITA Water Technologies’ range of wastewater treatment systems: fabric filters, compact plants for small communities, rotating biological contactors, and other solutions for all stages of purification, from initial mechanical treatment to tertiary filtration.

We can provide our customers with a full range of services before, during and after installation: this contributes to ROI optimization and cost minimization throughout the product life cycle.

  • Bench and field pilot testing: extensive testing with pilot units is often critical to understanding the customer’s treatment needs (SST, BOD and COD, oils and fats, phosphorus and nitrogen).
  • Start-up, testing, and operator training: MITA can provide experienced personnel for this critical product phase. Three benefits: ensure proper operation from day one, optimize installation, and train personnel for plant operation with preventive resolution of any critical issues.
  • Technical support and field service: we recognize the importance of maintaining the value and efficiency of our equipment over time: that’s why we offer different levels of after-sales service.
    Maintenance and supply of spare parts: this keeps equipment in optimal condition and maximizes durability.
  • Emergency services: in case temporary wastewater filtration is needed, we provide mobile units to resolve any emergency situations.
  • Revamping and upgrading of MITA equipment: the aim is to keep our equipment state-of-the-art.
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Some MITA projects

Water Treatment and Cooling Systems for Vedani Group

Various industrial water treatment technologies as well as cooling technologies: since 1995 MITA Water Technologies has provided multiple solutions, together with its "sister" company MITA Cooling Technologies, for the complete water management of Vedani Group, which has been active in aluminum processing since 1982.

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