Decantatori a Pacchi Lamellari Flowpack

Flowpack Lamella-Pack Decanters

for sludge settling

A simple and very efficient solution: in lamella-pack decanters, solids-water separation is achieved through a dense network of channels, inclined at 60° to accelerate the settling of suspended solids.

High Efficiency.

High Efficiency. Due to the increased sedimentation area allowed by lamellar packs, compared to similar solutions, these devices increase the overall efficiency of wastewater treatment plants.

Very low pressure drop.

Very low pressure drop. Effect of efficient distribution of effluent through lamellar packs.


Modularity. Multiple decanters can be easily installed if the performance of the treatment plant needs to be scaled up.

Space saving.

Space saving. This is enabled by their compact design, which optimizes the use of water treatment facilities.


Cost-effectiveness. Lamella-pack decanters are an economical solution to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment processes.

Ease of installation and operation.

Ease of installation and operation. Smooth operation and low maintenance requirements simplify system operation, resulting in economic benefits.

Lamella-pack decanters: description and operation

Lamella-packs are modular elements, composed of channels of different sizes, used in different solutions to increase the useful wastewater treatment surface area. In particular, lamella-pack decanters are designed to efficiently separate suspended solids, by settling (i.e., gravity), from the water thus clarified.
It is thus a process that can also be called separation, desanding, clarification or clariflocculation (i.e., in the latter case, clarification with the addition of chemicals).

But how do Lamella-Pack Decanters work? The process can be broken down into these key steps.

  1. Injection of wastewater, loaded with suspended solids, in the middle of the tank. Some septa or distributors evenly distribute the flow of raw water.
  2. Lamella packs, with channels of different sizes depending on the consistency of the effluent to be treated, separate the suspended solids from the water.
  3. Sedimentation. Due to the higher density of the sludge flocs compared to water, and due to the inclination of the lamellar packs(60°), the flocs themselves rapidly decant toward the bottom of the hopper. They will then be removed, when they accumulate in defined quantities, so as not to decrease the efficiency of the process.
  4. The clarified water, now free of suspended solids, is at the top of the decanter and overflows into a collection channel. From here it is conveyed to subsequent treatments or, eventually, to the final discharge.

The decantation process with lamellar pack solutions is widely used, in both civil and industrial wastewater treatment, as a consequence of other biological or chemical-physical processes: speaking of civil wastewater treatment plants, it is therefore a stage of a secondary treatment. In the case of industrial installations, it is necessary to define, as always, incoming effluent quality and desired output according to local regulations: in this way, lamellar pack decanters can be evaluated as a stand-alone solution or in combination with additional technologies (both upstream and downstream).

MITA Water Technologies has decades of experience with the design, manufacture, and marketing of reed pack decanters. Several possible types of lamella packs are available, depending on the quality of the effluent. In the monobloc version, the wetted parts are made of treated and painted carbon steel, while the overflow channel is made of AISI 304. Special materials and executions are available upon request. The supply of the lamellar pack only involves insertion into a stainless steel retaining frame of appropriate thickness.

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