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Municipal and industrial water treatment: also for your industry

Civil water purifiers and process water treatment, from mechanical treatments to final filtration: our case studies cover widely varying sectors and applications. What is your field of reference? Discover our achievements with companies similar to yours thanks to the filter in the left column. And then contact us and put us to the test.

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Increasing the Efficiency of a Wastewater Treatment Plant with Pile Cloth Filters

Acque Novara, a public utility in the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, needed to improve the performance of Gravellona Toce's municipal water treatment system. MITA Water Technologies responded to the needs by supplying three free-fiber cloth filters, each with 12 discs and a filtering surface area of 60m². The made-in-Italy technology and speed of execution were successful.

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Pile Cloth Filters for Acquedotto Pugliese

MITA Water Technologies has supplied Acquedotto Pugliese with 6 MSF 12/60 PEC pile cloth media filters for the Barletta sewage treatment plant. The filters, housed in concrete tanks, ensured a SST concentration of less than 10 mg/l. The solution met the customer's needs, supported by an expected power consumption of about 11 kWhour/d. MITA Water Technologies provided comprehensive support, ensuring the success of the project.

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Cloth Filters and Cooling Towers for Plastic Industry

Cooling and wastewater treatment together: that's the card that proved successful in supporting a plastics equipment company in northern Italy, which was already working with Group company MITA Cooling Technologies. The possibility of water reuse, through comprehensive management of this resource, is a card that industries can exploit to derive value from blue gold.

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Pile Cloth Filters for the Merone WWTP

The tertiary filtration of the Merone wastewater treatment plant bears the signature of MITA Water Technologies: six disc filters with fleece cloth were adopted for the final treatment of the water reaching the upper Lambro River. This is part of a larger project to rehabilitate the purification plant. The chosen solution is extremely flexible and also makes it easy to deal with sludge lifting phenomena, typically seasonal or resulting from periodic increases in effluent flow rates.

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Biodiscs and Sand Filters for Coastal Depots of Esso

MITA Water Technologies provided ESSO Italiana with wastewater treatment solutions at the coastal depots in Naples and Palermo. Through the use of continuous regeneration sand filters and Biorulli(r) biodiscs, significant results were achieved, such as reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs, plant modularity, and compliance with current regulations.

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Water Treatment and Cooling Systems for Vedani Group

Various industrial water treatment technologies as well as cooling technologies: since 1995 MITA Water Technologies has provided multiple solutions, together with its "sister" company MITA Cooling Technologies, for the complete water management of Vedani Group, which has been active in aluminum processing since 1982.

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Case studies and references in water treatment and water reuse

Wastewater treatment, whether at the municipal (civil sewage treatment plants) or industrial level, is of paramount importance to preserve human health and protect the environment. In fact, in both areas, wastewater contains organic substances and nutrients: if released into waterways without proper treatment, it can cause water pollution and extensive damage to flora and fauna. On the other hand, it is not just a matter of environmental regulations: proper treatment allows water to be reused in production processes-the optimal choice for both the environment and for cutting utility bills.

Why turn to a specialized company like MITA Water Technologies for wastewater treatment, as environmental consultants and companies already do?

  • Wide range of treatment solutions: from primary to suitable tertiary treatments for both municipal wastewater and process water.
  • One-to-one approach: ongoing support, especially with engineers from technical firms and consultants from companies, to select the appropriate technology following extensive testing.
  • Extensive experience and international references: last 50 years of achievements and case studies in Europe and around the world, in the most diverse sectors.
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