Contattori Biologici Rotanti per industria Alimentare

Biological Rotors for Food Company in Modena

MITA Water Technologies supplied a food industry company with a biological wastewater treatment system at a plant in Modena. The Biorulli® disc roller model provided high BOD5 abatement performance, low energy consumption, and easy maintenance. The simple and reliable technology enabled the customer’s needs to be met.

  • Requirement: wastewater treatment for food industry company North Central Italy
  • Biological treatment solution integrated into the plant's existing treatment chain
  • High performance and BOD5 abatement, simplicity, low energy consumption and easy maintenance
Food Sector Company in Central-Northern Italy
Modena (Italy)
Interlocutor type
Scope of application
Industrial Wastewater
Application field
Food Sector
Story in a nutshell
From the design stage, MITA Water Technologies' Biorulli®, disc roller model, was requested for the biological treatment section of industrial wastewater.
List of customer requirements
Sewage treatment of its own plant
Other technical needs
BOD5 abatement
Upstream treatment chain
Lifting, screening, Imhoff pit, equalization tank and second lift

Technologies supplied
No. 2 Biorulli® biodiscs series Roller Discs model B 200-60-1
Transportation and installation assistance
Key to Success
Simple technology with high performance, low power consumption and easy maintenance

1. Installation context

A food industry company located in north-central Italy, in Modena, needed to purify wastewater generated by its plant. From the design stage, MITA Water Technologies’ Biorulli® disc roller model was required for the biological treatment section of the industrial wastewater.

2. Proposed solution

MITA Water Technologies supplied two Biorulli® biodiscs from the Roller Disc series, model B 200-60-1, for biological treatment of industrial wastewater in the food plant. This solution was integrated into the existing treatment chain consisting of lifting, screening, Imhoff tank, equalization tank and second lifting.

3. Results obtained

MITA Water Technologies’ Biorulli® ensured the required results in the biological treatment of industrial wastewater in the food industry. The disc roller technology ensured effective removal of BOD5, contributing to the achievement of the required quality standards for wastewater disposal.

In addition, the Biorulli® rollers stood out for their ease of use, low energy consumption, and ease of maintenance. These factors made the installation at the Modena plant a success, offering a reliable and efficient solution for industrial wastewater treatment in the food industry.

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