Trattamento Acque Reflue per l'Industria Plastica

Water Treatment for Plastics Industry

Total suspended solids contained in wastewater from the plastics industry are effectively removed by different MITA solutions such as decanters, flotation units, sand filters or free-fiber cloth filters.

Examples of areas:

Examples of areas: manufacturing of manufactured goods, packaging industry, bioplastic production, production of plastic components for electronics and automotive (process examples: molding, injection, extrusion).

Main requirements:

Main requirements: removal variable loads of suspended solids, microplastic residue treatment, organic component removal (for bioplastics), water recovery.

Process water treatment in the plastics industry

Industrial wastewater from the plastics industry is often characterized by a high content of total suspended solids (TSS): these can result from raw material residues, chemicals used in the production process, and wear and tear on machinery and equipment.

Wastewater from this industry is also characterized by the frequent presence of microplastics, so integrated processes of cloth filtration and reverse osmosis are useful.

In contrast, the presence of organic component is generally low (low BOD and COD values): an exception is the production of bioplastics, as its processing produces effluent rich in fiber, protein, polyphenols and other natural substances.

Of course, some general requirements have been listed here, which should always be validated through testing with pilot units.

Trattamento Acque Reflue per l'Industria Plastica

MITA water treatment technologies for the plastics industry.

The following technologies can be used for the removal of total suspended solids from industrial wastewater in the plastics industry.

  • Lamella-pack decanters. Solids suspended in the water are gravitationally deposited on the bottom of the tank and are subsequently removed by pumps.
  • Dissolved air flotation units. Many suspended solids, sometimes with higher specific gravity than water, are insufflated with air and thus are brought to the surface and then easily removed.
  • Free-fiber cloth filters. A very high-efficiency solution for filtration and separation, also applied upstream of further solutions (such as reverse osmosis and UV lamp systems), with the aim of reducing the inlet load.
    Sand filters. A classic solution for removal of the finest suspended solids: simple to install and maintain.

Wastewater reuse and cooling in the plastics industry: two opportunities to seize

This is the great opportunity that industries in all sectors are discovering in recent years: reuse of wastewater allows not wasting a useful resource for production processes, which can thus increase efficiency with reduced costs.

This is most true in the case of the plastics industry, for which there are case studies of treatment and reuse of the blue resource through useful integration of two solutions: free-fiber cloth filters and membranous systems (reverse osmosis).

A further opportunity that industries in all sectors, and especially those in the plastics industry, can take advantage of is the integration of process water treatment and cooling: both steps in the process of managing the blue resource in production processes, which MITA Water Technologies can respond to through its partnership with Group company MITA Cooling Technologies.

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