Goals in Water Treatment

Disposal, reuse, integrated management

Do you want to ensure that the disposal of water from your business or your project's target community is done according to regulations? Or do you want to take the opportunity of reuse to lower supply costs and score a point in favor of the environment? Or maybe your organization wants to finally operate full cycle management of such a valuable resource, with treatment and cooling? Either way, we are here to help you with answers and technologies.

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Municipal Wastewater Reuse

Civil wastewater is a valuable resource that can be reused to reduce fresh water consumption, save on supply costs, and protect the environment, which is why the European Union has established a regulatory framework to promote the reuse of civil wastewater. MITA Water Technologies offers a full range of solutions for the treatment and reuse of civil wastewater, covering all three stages of a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

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Industrial Wastewater Reuse

Industrial wastewater reuse is an opportunity for industries to reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact: the European Union has established a regulatory framework, now it's up to companies to seize the opportunity in terms of optimizing this resource. Some tools to do so: reverse osmosis, cloth filtration... and good advice.

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Water Disposal

This is the most frequent requirement of municipalities and businesses with regard to sewage treatment: disposing of water according to regulations avoids incurring increasingly severe penalties. European and national requirements need to be known in order to properly carry out the appropriate operations, along with the parameters for assessing the quality of the effluent to be treated.

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Water Treatment and Cooling

Wastewater purification and heat disposal of the blue resource are the two aspects of efficient water reuse, convenient for organizations and beneficial to the environment. MITA Water Technologies, part of MITA Group, can provide integrated solutions for both areas. Since 1960.

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Your possible water treatment goals at a glance

In this section you will find a number of reasons why wastewater treatment is an opportunity.

  • Disposal according to regulations. The minimum and legitimate goal is to dispose of the blue resource in rivers and lakes without incurring legal issues for incorrect amount of suspended solids, olig or fat, BOD/COD, phosphorus and nitrogen present at discharge.
  • Municipal water reuse. European and individual country legislation are pushing communities to reuse the blue resource, to save the ecosystem and improve civilian supplies of this resource.
  • Industrial water reuse. Businesses are discovering how purification is more of an opportunity than a problem: at stake is the possibility of lowering supply costs and optimizing internal processes.
  • Rainwater reuse. Regulations over time have regulated the treatment of rainwater as well: which can, of course, be a resource for internal reuse.
  • Water reuse for irrigation purposes. With a view to developing a circular economy, treated water can be a useful resource especially for the agricultural sector: cost reduction, environmental protection.
  • Treatment and cooling. the cycle of the blue resource is achieved together by purifying it of polluting factors and enameling its residual heat: again, optimization of the organization’s resources and environmental protection go hand in hand.
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