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Industrial Wastewater

Treatment as an opportunity for reuse

Industrial wastewater is extremely heterogeneous in quality and quantity of dissolved effluent. As a result, treatment processes and technologies vary greatly from plant to plant. MITA Water Technologies always suggests conducting tests using pilot units before selecting the best available solution.

Solutions for Industrial wastewater

Filtri a Tela a Fibra Libera PEC

Disc Filters PEC – PEC VM

With these free-fiber filtration systems, we get to serve medium to large sewage treatment plants with minimal floor space requirements. Not only that. In the PEC and PEC VM disc filters, backwashing with sequentially driven pumps provides the machine with operational continuity in water treatment, consequently avoiding the need to provide a back-up unit.
Sistemi di Ossidazione Biorulli Monoblocco M 200

Biorulli® Biological Disc Rotors Monoblock M 200

An intermediate-sized version of the one-piece biodiscs, the M 200 series is suitable for hotels, villages, small communities, and industries. Tank optionally made of treated and painted carbon or AISI 304-316 stainless steel. Efficiency and extreme ease of installation.
Decantatori Lamellari Flowpack con Telaio F

Flowpack Lamella Decanters Monoblock FM

Solid-liquid separation, sludge decanting, water clarification for further finishing operations-all these are represented by the FM Monoblock Series lamella decanters. Compact, efficient and space-saving solution. Simplicity of operation and very low product life cycle costs are pluses appreciated by customers in the civil and industrial fields.
Disoleatori Oilpack Monoblocco OM

Oilpack Oil Separators Monoblock OM

These one-piece oil separators are designed to separate non-emulsified oils and consist of a containment tank, made of treated and painted carbon steel or AISI 304 stainless steel or stainless steel according to the customer's choice, and a 45° inclined parallel channel lamella pack made of UV-resistant polystyrene. Customizations with special materials are available upon request.
Mitadaf MD Flottatori ad Aria Disciolta

Mitadaf MD Dissolved Air Flotation Units

Mitadaf is the dissolved air flotation (DAF) system developed by MITA Water Technologies. Its outstanding efficiency in separating solids from liquid and thickening sludge comes from a unique approach that combines the use of microbubbles of air, produced by our Mitasat MS, with a uniform effluent hydrodynamic system.
Filtri a Sabbia Continui FS

Continuous-Regeneration Sand Filters FS

Efficiency and continuity of operation: continuous sand filters represent a classic solution that is easy to construct and operate for wastewater finishing. The MITA solution allows the filter medium, i.e., sand, to be separated from impurities by a unique patented washing system.

Industrial wastewater: background information

Industrial wastewater consists of discharges from manufacturing activities. Like water from civilian use, it can be rich in suspended solids (of varying sizes) and other elements such as phosphorus, nitrogen, oils and fats.

An additional critical issue to be addressed may be oxygen deficiency, which can be measured in BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand).

Acque Reflue Industriali EN

Industrial wastewater and civil wastewater: differences

Industrial wastewater certainly does not differ from its “civil” analogue in terms of the technical parameters with which to measure quality and quantity of pollutants.

The substantial difference is in the “management” of the respective treatments: a civil wastewater treatment plant collects the water of an entire community and will have to be equipped, accordingly, with all the standard stages of primary, secondary and tertiary treatments. On the contrary, each industrial sector, and indeed each individual process line, has peculiar needs as to the removal of suspended solids, phosphorus, nitrogen, and so on: therefore, it becomes essential to carry out analysis of industrial wastewater through pilot units. Indeed, this is a key step in understanding the specific needs of the plant, and MITA Water Technologies always recommends it to industry clients.

MITA Water Technologies for industrial wastewater treatment

MITA Water Technologies’ solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each industry.

Here are some of MITA’s solutions for industrial wastewater treatment.

  • Drum filters (TF) and disc filters (MSF) made of free-fiber cloth for removal of suspended solids and, as a result, reduction of phosphorus and nitrogen in water. Very high separation efficiency due to the depth filtration enabled by the free fiber.
  • FM decanters and OM oil separators with lamella packs. Lamellae increase the useful surface area for separation of oils and fats. They can be equipped with chemical preparation tanks.
  • Biorulli® rotating biological contactors (B and M series). They act on BOD, COD and nitrogen. A highly effective bacterial layer develops on the surface of the “biodiscs” and decomposes organic matter.
  • Biocombi (BC): compact water purification systems that combine biological treatment and tertiary filtration.
  • Mitadaf dissolved-air flotation units: for the removal of BOD and COD. Solutions with minimal footprint, whether or not assisted by chemicals.
  • FS sand filters: classic and extremely simple system for removal of suspended solids.
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Case studies with industrial wastewater

Cloth Filters and Cooling Towers for Plastic Industry

Cooling and wastewater treatment together: that's the card that proved successful in supporting a plastics equipment company in northern Italy, which was already working with Group company MITA Cooling Technologies. The possibility of water reuse, through comprehensive management of this resource, is a card that industries can exploit to derive value from blue gold.

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