Pilot Testing for Wastewater Treatment

Starting the right way with civil and industrial water

MITA Water Technologies offers a pilot testing service for the treatment of difficult-to-purify wastewater: performed using pilot filtration or biological treatment units that reproduce actual plant operating conditions, the tests allow the identification of the correct plant sizing.

Why start from a pilot test in wastewater treatment

In all cases where one is faced with water that is difficult to treat, due to its composition or variability, MITA Water Technologies can support the Customer with in-depth tests both on the bench and in the field with special pilot units that allow to identify the correct sizing for the specific needs of the individual plant.

The pilot test is the first step in building a water treatment system that provides the Customer with the best performing and longest lasting solution.

The guarantees for the Client are to have

  • an optimized design tested on their needs,
  • a wide range of testable parameters and customizations.
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Test Pilota nel Trattamento Acque Reflue

Industrial wastewater: a "mandatory" step

The need for pilot units is often recognized by engineers and contractors working with civil wastewater treatment plants. Even more so, the need is noted with professionals working for industrial wastewater treatment: in this case, in fact, the quality of the effluent changes considerably from plant to plant and there is no precise sequence of treatments (primary, secondary, tertiary). It is therefore essential to understand in advance the amount of suspended solids, phosphorus and nitrogen, and the values of BOD and COD.

Determining the flow rate is also a key factor in getting off to the right start with the project: what can be easily detected from the pilot units. In addition, industrial wastewater also has all the more reason for preliminary pilot testing because of its complexity (e.g., abnormal sludge, need for chemicals, etc.).

MITA units for filtration and biological treatment

MITA Water Technologies, aware of these needs, is expanding its fleet of pilot units for water treatment.

Currently, we can offer pilot tests to the customer through filtration and biological oxidation units.

  • MITA’s pilot filtration units are free-fiber cloth filters (type TF2): they are useful for tertiary filtration, i.e., the finishing part of the effluent before discharge into water bodies or reuse. Free fiber allows depth filtration, which is more efficient than surface filtration for the same useful surface area.
  • Testing for biological treatment, on the other hand, takes place through Biorulli® biological oxidation systems (such as type M 115): simple secondary treatment solutions by means of plastic biodiscs, immersed in the effluent, on which the flora of aerobic bacteria useful for biodegradation of the organic matter develops.
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