Filtri a Tela su Tamburo TF

TF - TF VM Drum Filters

filter area from 2m² to 6m²

The high filtration rates and small footprint make the Drum Filter the ideal final filtration system for sewage treatment plants, industrial or municipal plants of small capacity. All units are complete with an electrical control panel and can be installed in a concrete tank or supplied complete with a metal containment tank.

Durable solution.

Durable solution. Free-fiber cloths of high mechanical strength Metal carpentry in AISI 304 stainless steel or, upon request, AISI 316 L.

Minimal footprint.

Minimal footprint. Compact solution, reduced need for ancillary works.

Reduced energy use.

Reduced energy use. Gravity filtration, power consumption only in the backwash phase.

Drum filters for water filtration: system description

The filter cloth is mounted on a perforated plate drum operating in a horizontal position. The water to be treated is conveyed to the holding tank of the filter, which works completely submerged, and passes through the filter cloth while solids are retained by the fibers of the latter. Clean water, collected inside the drum is sent to the drain by means of the weir.

Cloth drum filters are available in versions for installation in concrete tank (TF) or metal tank (TF VM), complete with electrical control panel. Filtration area varies from 2 to 6 square meters.

As the deposition of solids on the web increases, the pressure drop increases; the water level rises relative to the height of the outlet weir. When a level difference of about 25 cm is reached, rotation of the filter is activated and, thanks to the flow generated by the backwash pump, the solids retained by the cloths are removed by means of a suction auger, restoring the filtering capacity of the machine. The water and solids removed are returned to the head of the treatment plant. Any deposits at the bottom of the filter tank are removed by means of a timed pump.

MITA Water Technologies provides customers with its pilot drum filters, which allow them to identify the effectiveness and correct sizing for the specific needs of the individual plant before selecting the final solution.

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