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Your technical support for an efficient wastewater treatment project

Engineers and consultants from public companies and industries have been asking for our help since 1971 to derive value from water. We are part of the MITA Group, which manufactures and markets solutions for the complete management of this resource-a plus we can offer you for a systematic approach to your process wastewater, from treatment to cooling to reuse.

MITA Group

Solutions for water management and reuse

A very diverse range of technologies, integrated plants for treatment and heat disposal from the blue resource: this is what we offer you through our participation in MITA Group, active since 1960 in water management and reuse.

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MITA Group Cooling Refrigeration and Water Treatment
Storia di MITA Water Technologies

Story of MITA Water Technologies

Fifty years of wastewater treatment

Many are the years in which we have supported engineers and consultants of public and private companies in the management of water and its reuse. A history experienced as a responsibility to clients and stakeholders in the civil and industrial spheres.

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Work with us: Commercial Engineers and Technicians

Water treatment customers need you

Engineers, 3D drafters, sales technicians and production workers: do you recognize yourself in any of these profiles? Read our job openings and apply. We work hard to build an environment where everyone's skills are valued: do you want to be part of our team?

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Certificazioni Qualità Ambiente e Sicurezza di MITA Water Technologies

Certified Industrial Refrigeration Company

Safety with FGases, energy efficiency and performance according to the latest innovations in the industry (such as Industry 4.0), quality processes: these are frequent demands that an industrial refrigeration company must assure its customers. We have chosen to provide these guarantees through internationally recognised third-party bodies.

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MITA Water Technologies at a glance

We were founded in 1971 as an autonomous division of MITA Cooling Technologies (industrial cooling) and became an independent company in 2001.We design, manufacture and market solutions for various wastewater treatments.

  • Free-fiber cloth filters for tertiary filtration.
  • Biorulli© disc biological rotors.
  • Disulators and Decanters with lamellar packs.
  • Continuous sand filters.
  • Dissolved air flotation systems.

We are part of MITA Group: since 1960 we have been involved in cooling, refrigeration, industrial and civil water treatment.

The other companies that make up the Group can also support you in complete process water management.

  • MITA Cooling Technologies: cooling towers and adiabatic coolers.
  • TORRAVAL Cooling: field-mounted cooling towers.
  • Frigofluid: industrial chillers, dry coolers and temperature controllers.
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Some MITA projects

Water Treatment and Cooling Systems for Vedani Group

Various industrial water treatment technologies as well as cooling technologies: since 1995 MITA Water Technologies has provided multiple solutions, together with its "sister" company MITA Cooling Technologies, for the complete water management of Vedani Group, which has been active in aluminum processing since 1982.

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