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And the water treatment system-it has been working since day one

MITA Water Technologies can provide staff both for start-up and testing of its equipment and for training services to the Customer's personnel who are then to operate the plant. The staff is able to provide all guidance and arrangements useful for operating the machines according to site-specific conditions.

Testing and training for water treatment systems

Testing of water treatment systems is included in the service offered by MITA Water Technologies. On the other hand, the need for systems training is required in some peculiar situations: especially in the case of new customers, whether from the civil or industrial sphere, or when a handover from the plant engineer/contractor to the managers of public municipalities takes place.

What is shown? For example, flushing procedures and some tricks for solutions to work well during their life cycle.

However, it is good to remember that MITA Water Technologies always provides a washing procedure for the systems supplied together in its installation manuals.

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Customer benefits

  • Correct operation from day one.
  • Optimization of installation.
  • Performance testing and resolution of any issues before acceptance.
  • Staff training on operation and resolution of critical issues.
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We offer a series of additional support services for our customers: the MITA Lifecycle Services.
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