Trattamento Acque Reflue per l'Industria Farmaceutica

Water Treatment for the Pharmaceutical Industry

BOD and COD reduction, elimination of active pollutants, very clean water to feed production processes-all needs of the pharmaceutical industry that MITA Water Technologies can address, including supporting other water treatment systems.

Examples of areas:

Examples of areas: traditional pharmaceutical companies, over-the-counter drug manufacturing, biotech drug companies.

Main requirements:

Main requirements: BOD and COD reduction, removal of foams and odors, elimination of active ingredients and excipients, use of very clean water for production processes.

Need for water treatment in the pharmaceutical industry

As in other cases, in water treatment for the pharmaceutical industry, each company and each process has its own needs: it is therefore essential to carry out wastewater analysis with pilot units, and then select and design the best solution.

However, it is not uncommon to find water laden with organic solids: a BOD or COD reduction process is therefore necessary, either through activated sludge solutions or biological oxidation. Chemical-physical processes for the removal of active ingredients, foams, and odors are also often useful.

In the pharmaceutical sector, it is also necessary to rely on extremely clean water as an input resource for production processes. Therefore, finishing systems such as ultrafiltration plants, reverse osmosis and demineralization plants, UV lamps, ozone plants are also used-all solutions that can be installed downstream of free-fiber cloth filters, which are very useful for reducing high loads of suspended solids and not overloading subsequent processes.

Trattamento Acque Reflue per l'Industria Farmaceutica

MITA Water Technologies for water treatment in the pharmaceutical industry

Our expertise can intervene in the following processes and through the following technologies.

  • Biological oxidation systems with biodiscs for BOD/COD reduction. Biorulli® systems can remove large amounts of organics, degrading pollutants such as solvents, alcohols, esters, aldehydes, etc. Minimal footprint, ease of installation, scalability distinguish this solution: all of which allows MITA Water Technologies’ biodisc systems to be used in series, for even large treatment plants.
  • Free-fiber cloth filters to support membrane processes. We are talking in this case about ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, which require a supply of water with a very low content of suspended solids: a requirement to which cloth filters respond optimally. The aim is reuse as a resource in process inputs (which, let us remember, require an extremely clean resource).
  • Cooling technologies to increase process efficiency. The “complementary” need to water treatment is the removal of heat from this resource for its reuse in production lines. A need that MITA Cooling Technologies, a company part of the MITA Group together with MITA Water Technologies, can address.
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