Rotori Biologici Biorulli per Icap-Sira

Biological Rotors for the Chemical Company Icap-Sira

High efficiency, ease of installation, and extreme operation-these are the features that a well-known company in the chemical industry appreciated in choosing Biorulli® biodiscs for the biological oxidation of its wastewater. MITA Water Technologies has been cooperating with this industry since 2006.

  • Implementation of two Biorulli® monoblock biological oxidation systems for chemical wastewater treatment
  • Compliance with strict regulatory standards for discharge to sewer, including compliance with the parameters of Legislative Decree No. 152/2006
  • Increased energy efficiency and simplified management due to one-piece solution and ease of installation and maintenance
2006 - 2018
Barberino di Mugello, province of Florence (Italy)
Interlocutor type
End customer
Scope of application
Industrial Wastewater
Application field
Story in a nutshell
Icap-Sira is a company founded in 1945. It specializes in the production and marketing of chemicals intended for the textile and nonwovens, coating and self-adhesive sectors: the scope is thus "secondary chemistry," i.e., the production of solutions used by other companies to make B2C finished products. The collaboration between Icap-Sira and MITA Water Technologies began in 2006, with an initial purchase by Icap, of Biorulli® monoblock series biodiscs for the central plant in Parabiago, in the province of Milan.
List of customer requirements
- Abatement of COD and surfactants in washing water from pipes and transport vehicles

- Discharge to the sewage system according to the parameters of Italian Legislative Decree No. 152/2006

- Upgrade of an existing plant
Upstream treatment chain
The washwater is collected in a storage tank and subjected to an initial chemical-physical treatment, downstream of which the sludge flocs are separated using a sedimentation system. The clarified effluent is sent to biological treatment.
Technologies supplied
No. 2 Biorulli® biological oxidation systems monoblock series model M 240-50-1
Key to Success
- Successful cooperation with the customer already since 2006
- MITA Water Technologies biological treatment machines, one-piece series, characterized by high compactness, being rollers complete with tank, ready to be housed in any place either outdoors or indoors and easy installation and maintenance
- Low energy use solution

1. Installation context

Icap-Sira is an Italian company specializing in the production and marketing of chemicals for the textile and nonwovens, coating and self-adhesive sectors. The company, founded in 1945, has its headquarters in the province of Milan and a production facility in Barberino di Mugello, in the province of Florence.

for this sector,The washing waters of pipes and transport vehicles, used for the production of these chemicals at the Barberino di Mugello site, are characterized by a high COD and surfactant content. For this reason, in 2018, Icap-Sira decided to renovate its treatment plant with The objective of ensuring a discharge to the sewage system that complies with the relevant Italian regulations.

The upstream supply chain of Icap-Sira’s wastewater treatment plant was already composed of a few processes: a storage tank for wash water, an initial chemical-physical treatment, and a sedimentation system to separate sludge flocs.

2. Proposed solution

MITA Water Technologies proposed the installation of two Biorulli®, one-piece series model M 240-50-1.

Biorulli® are a biological oxidation technology that is as simple as it is efficient. The bacterial flora that grows on the plastic discs,is alternately immersed in the slurry (where the microorganisms take up the orgnic substance needed for nourishment) and then brought into contact with the air where it becomes saturated with oxygen used to degrade the organic substance itself.

The two Biorulli® systems installed by MITA Water Technologies have an installed capacity of 1.50 kW each. The total active surface area of 3623 m2 for each bio-roller is achieved by installing a number of plastic discs.

3. The key to success

The installation of Biorulli® systems enabled Icap-Sira to achieve its goals. The key success factors of the intervention were as follows.

  • Long successful partnership with the client: MITA Water Technologies supplied the first water treatment systems to the chemical company back in 2006.
  • One-piece, compact equipment that is easy to install and maintain-all of which reduces plant operating costs.
  • Low energy use solution: powering the system and operating it does not require high resource consumption.
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