Contattori Biologici Rotanti Biorulli per ENI

Biorulli(r) Rotating Biological Contactors for ENI

Customization and long-term trust relationship: these are the two variables that decided the award to MITA Water Technologies of the revamping of the water treatment of an ENI depot in Central Italy. Rotary biological contactors, supplied to the company, are simple but efficient devices for COD removal.

  • Installation at ENI's Ortona depot (MITA customer for almost 30 years)
  • Revamping of pre-existing biological systems
  • Provision of customized solutions
ENI (end customer)
Ortona, Province of Chieti (Italy)
Interlocutor type
Plant Installer
Scope of application
Industrial Wastewater
Application field
Oil & Gas
Story in a nutshell
Eni S.p.A., a prestiogiosa multinational energy company created by the Italian state in 1953, has been a client of MITA Water Technologies since the early 2000s.
List of customer requirements
- COD abatement

- Revamping water treatment system (previous 10-year MITA supplier).
Input flow rate
Average flow rate 10 m3/h
Technologies supplied
- No. 1 Biorulli® B 200-52-1 biological treatment system (non-standard solution): 2,650 m2 active surface

- No. 1 Biorulli® B 200-47-1 biological treatment system (non-standard solution): 2,350 m2 of active surface area

Output of other treatments
Abatement of about 80% of COD
Key to Success
- Long-term customer knowledge of MITA
- Ability to provide non-standard solutions for wastewater treatment

1. Installation context

It is a pleasure to work over the years with energy companies of international stature.

Already in the past ENI, an Italian public company in the energy sector active since 1953, had requested MITA Water Technologies’ support for the supply of rotating biological contactors for wastewater treatment (through direct assignment or with an intermediary): the first order dates back to 1994.

The latest request was for not a new installation but the upgrade of a biological treatment system with Biorulli© biodiscs, delivered in 2011 and installed at the Ortona depot (Chieti province, Central Italy): average wastewater flow rate 10 m3/h, COD abatement requirement.

2. Proposed solution

The systems supplied by MITA Water Technologies for the revamping of the water treatment section of the Ortona depot were two: a rotating biological contactor monoblock type B 200-52-1 and a similar B 200-47-1 system.

Considering the total number of plastic discs, which are technologically very simple but extremely efficient, the active surfaces of the two systems are 2,650 m2 and 2,350 m2 respectively.
Both proposed solutions are customizations of systems offered by MITA.

3. Results obtained

The main objective of the supply consisted in the reduction of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand): goal achieved, with the abatement of about 80% of this parameter by biological treatment.

The key to success was undoubtedly the long-term relationship with the Company and the operators of the Ortona plant. In addition, also the possibility of offering solutions with off-catalog sizing: customization to the project requirement was therefore appreciated.

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