Biological Wastewater Treatments

"Nature" as a means of purifying organic substances

Biological treatments are based on the use of microorganisms, such as bacteria, to biodegrade organic matter in wastewater. The solutions offered by MITA Water Technologies in this area are Biorulli® biological oxidation systems and Biocombi® compact plants.

What are biological wastewater treatments

Biological treatments are one of the most widely used techniques for wastewater treatment: we are talking about processes based on the use of microorganisms, such as bacteria, to biodegrade organic matter present in dissolved or suspended form in water. In these processes, the organic matter to be degraded is used by the microorganisms as a source of energy and nutrients: hence biodegradation is a natural process.

Biological wastewater treatments can be used to remove a wide range of organic matter. Here are some examples.

  • Biodegradable organic matter: this organic matter can be readily biodegraded by microorganisms.
  • Non-biodegradable particulate organic matter: this organic matter cannot be biodegraded by microorganisms. However, biological treatments can help reduce the concentration of this organic matter in wastewater through other processes, such as capture by bacteria of suspended solid particles.
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Biological treatment of civil and industrial wastewater

Biological treatments can be used to treat both civil and industrial wastewater. However, the characteristics of industrial wastewater can be very different from those of civil wastewater.

It is useful to remember that while a civil wastewater treatment plant involves a design approach with relatively standard methods that always include biological treatment, industrial wastewater is a different case: each industry has its own requirements, which may or may not require biological interventions.

Even more than in the case of municipal water, it is therefore useful for industrial water to conduct analyses with pilot units.

Biological treatments offered by MITA Water Technologies

MITA Water Technologies offers some of its most efficient, and easy-to-manage, solutions for biological wastewater treatment.

  • Biorulli® biodisc biological oxidation systems: this equipment uses plastic discs to degrade organic matter in a simple, low-energy-cost approach. They are suitable for a wide range of applications (such as treatment of effluent from small communities) and properly handle load variations (e.g., tourist seasons, etc.).
  • Biocombi compact plants: combine biological treatment with advanced sludge separation, such as cloth filtration. They are therefore ideal as a compact solution for small communities, particularly in settings where space is a limiting factor.
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