Filtri a Tela con Dischi ad Asse Verticale PECV

PECV VM Vertical-Axis Disc Filters

Tertiary filtration for small spaces

An optimal solution for small and medium-sized plants, as much for its compactness as for its simplicity of installation and operation: these are the PECV VM metal tank vertical axis disc filters, for the final separation of suspended solids from civil and industrial wastewater.

Minimal footprint.

Minimal footprint. Compact solution, reduced need for ancillary works.

Very high filtration yields.

Very high filtration yields. Due to free-fiber cloth depth filtration: TSS concentrations as low as 5 mg/l expected at discharge.

Reduced energy use.

Reduced energy use. Gravity filtration, power consumption only in the backwash phase.

Minimum lifecycle cost.

Minimum lifecycle cost. Low acquisition, maintenance and resource utilization costs result in optimal return on investment.

Easy maintenance.

Easy maintenance. Direct accessibility to all utilities, filter cloths with high mechanical strength.

Operational continuity.

Operational continuity. Filtration is continuous during counter-current cloth washing, which is operated sequentially so as not to interrupt machine operation.

PECV VM Cloth Filters: available version

Filtri a tela Standard

Basic Version

Backwash works with only one pump at a time-an additional energy saver.

Vertical-axis disc filters: a flexible solution

With cloth filters in general, and with PECV VM disc filters in particular, depth filtration similar to that of sand filters is achieved both in terms of mode of operation and suspended solids removal yield.

In particular, the PECV VM solution, with its unique vertical-axis disc filter configuration, is ideal for small and medium-sized plants. It is a system that responds particularly flexibly and reliably in cases of unmanned plants with high and extremely variable loads: this benefits both civil and industrial wastewater.

The largest model in the PEV VM series has a maximum number of discs of 6, a filtering surface area of 30 m2. The different models available can be installed in parallel, thus realizing systems of various capacities.

In the PECV VM series, cloth washing is carried out by means of pumps, each of which is slaved to two or more discs. The pumps are operated sequentially, so that the functionality of the system is never interrupted, removing the need for a backup unit.

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File BIM dei Filtri a Tela Pile

BIM Files

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ModelDisc dimension [mm]Number of discsFiltrant surface [m2]
MSF 2/10 PECV VM2100210
MSF 4/20 PECV VM2100420
MSF 6/30 PECV VM2100630

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