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Water Treatment for Paper Mills

Paper industries use a considerable amount of water, with often high values in terms of total suspended solids, BOD and COD. Some of the proposed solutions: decanters, de-oilers, oxidation systems. And for finishing, some very high-efficiency filtration solutions.

Examples of areas:

Examples of areas: Paper production, pulp processing, paper production for other uses (packaging, printing).

Main requirements:

Main requirements: treatment of large volumes of water, water and waste reuse (to reduce water footprint), effluent rich in fiber and colloids, high amounts of BOD/COD.

Characteristics of wastewater from paper mills

It is well known that the pulp and paper industry is among those that use the largest amount of the “blue resource”: some sources speak of as much as 50-75 m3 of water per metric ton of finished product. The industrial wastewater produced is therefore laden with pollutants and must be properly purified to avoid pollution of groundwater and rivers and lakes (and to avoid criminal penalties). Not only that. Given the large consumption of this industry, a water reuse system should be considered to minimize the “water footprint” and operating costs of the plants.

Paper mills produce water with high values of total suspended solids: cellulose fibers, colloids, minerals, sludge, but also heavy metal residues (such as zinc and copper). BOD (biological oxygen demand) and COD (biochemical oxygen demand) values are also often high. They therefore need useful treatments to dispose of most of the particles present and to break down the amount of organic pollutants by biological oxidation.

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MITA water treatment technologies for paper mills

  • Lamella-pack decanters, FM series. They operate following a gravity-based separation principle and take advantage of the use of inclined lamellae to accelerate the settling process.
  • Dissolved air floaters (DAF). Their mechanical action removes high amounts of grease, preventing subsequent treatments from being inhibited.
  • Lamellar-pack oil separators, OM series. The large useful surface area, allowed by the lamellae, make them an efficient and easy-to-use solution.
  • Biorulli® biological oxidation systems. Easy installation and maintenance solution for removal of high BOD and COD loads.
  • Free-fiber cloth filters, MSF or TF series. Very high efficiency for removal of suspended solids with outputs of a few tens of mg/l.
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