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Solutions for water management and reuse

A very diverse range of technologies, integrated plants for treatment and heat disposal from the blue resource: this is what we offer you through our participation in MITA Group, active since 1960 in water management and reuse.

MITA Cooling Technologies Industrial Cooling


Water reuse means more than just treatment. Since 1960, MITA Cooling Technologies has been manufacturing and marketing industrial cooling technologies: these are systems needed in most industrial and civil air conditioning plants for the disposal of heat and to draw will efficiently from water.

Each plant has unique needs, which can also be found through one-on-one consulting and the ability to choose within a full range of cooling solutions. A selection through advanced configuration and optimization software does the rest.

  • Solutions offered: cooling towers and evaporative condensers, adiabatic dry coolers, cooling stations for complete water management.
  • Where we are: Siziano, Milan Industrial Area (Italy).
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Larger industrial plants, such as those in the oil & gas sector, need solutions capable of disposing of very large amounts of heat: field-erected towers, offered by TORRAVAL Cooling since 1967 along with revamping services on large cooling plants, often meet this need.

  • Solutions offered: “field-erected” cooling towers for large plants, systems maintenance, spare parts.
  • Where we are: Leioa, Basque Country, Spain.
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TORRAVAL Cooling Field Erected Cooling Towers
Riparazione Torri di Raffreddamento da Intercal

Logo INTERCAL Cooling

The service component is crucial in industrial cooling.

This is why TORRAVAL Cooling, a MITA Group company, acquired Intercal in 2023: a company that has been active for more than 35 years in the installation and maintenance of cooling towers and evaporative condensers. A team of specialized technicians at the service of MITA Group. Spare parts for towers complete the offer.

  • What we can offer you: maintenance, repair and spare parts for towers and evaporative condensers (Iberian Peninsula).
  • Where we are: Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)
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Heat disposal, including for water reuse, may require outlet fluid temperatures ranging from very low (even below 0°C), allowed by chillers, or medium-high, allowed by dry coolers.

For both needs, support can be sought from Frigofluid, which designs, manufactures and installs true turnkey refrigeration systems complete with all the components ancillary to a simple chiller.

  • Solutions offered: industrial chillers, dry coolers, industrial temperature controllers, turnkey refrigeration systems.
  • Where we are: Bedizzole, province of Brescia (Italy).
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Turnkey Refrigeration System
MITA Water Technologies Wastewater Treatment


Water treatment, including for reuse, is increasingly required not only by the public sector, but also by companies wishing to comply with national and international regulations and make the most of this important resource.

This is the business scope of MITA Water Technologies, which has been involved in industrial and civil wastewater treatment since 1971.

  • Solutions offered: cloth filters, biodiscs for biological treatment, lamellar packs for settling and sedimentation.
  • Where we are: Siziano, Milan Industrial Area (Italy)
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A turnkey group for water management and reuse


Water treatment, cooling, and refrigeration: these are the three areas we cover as the MITA Group, for comprehensive support in the management of the blue resource in civil or industrial settings.

Engineers and consultants can request our support in the water cycle. At stake is the protection of the environment and the optimization of internal processes: much more than just compliance with national and European regulations.

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Industrial and civil wastewater treatment technologies

Simplicity, reliability ... and the lowest product life cycle cost: water treatment solutions from MITA Water Technologies.

Our support throughout the product life cycle

We offer a series of additional support services for our customers: the MITA Lifecycle Services.
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A sustainable and efficient solution for every industry and need

Wastewater treatment will increasingly be a resource efficiency and optimization opportunity for organizations in both civil and industrial settings.