Biocombi Monoblocco BC4

Biocombi Monoblock BC 4

biodiscs plus two drum filters

Biocombi compact plants are efficient and cost-effective solutions for wastewater treatment in small communities. These systems integrate several steps of purification into one tank, with the Monoblock BC 4 version including biodiscs for biological oxidation and two drum filters in a horizontal version for secondary sludge separation. The filtering surface area is double that of the BC 2 version: high effluent quality, even in situations of variable loads, while still having a very small footprint.

Integrated solution.

Integrated solution. Ideal for complete wastewater treatment (biological treatment and secondary sludge separation) in small communities.

Minimal footprint.

Minimal footprint. Compact solution, reduced need for ancillary works.

Minimal energy use.

Minimal energy use. Resource used only for the operation of the biodiscs gear motor and canvas backwash pump.

Flexibility with load changes.

Flexibility with load changes. Reduced sensitivity to hydraulic and/or organic load changes.

Quick installation and start-up.

Quick installation and start-up. Pre-assembled plants, ready to run, complete with on-board electrical panel.

Absence of nuisance odors or aerosols.

Absence of nuisance odors or aerosols.

Biocombi Monoblock BC 4 for water treatment up to 800 population equivalent per unit: description

Biocombi compact plants provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment in small communities, addressing challenges related to cost, footprint, and peculiar geographical situations. This integrated system summarizes several steps of purification in a single tank solution.

The Monoblock BC 4 version consists of biodiscs for biological oxidation and two horizontal drum filters. Filter surface area 4m² (double that of the BC 2 version), gear motor drive power between 1.10 and 1.50 kW. Delivery is complete with treated and painted carbon steel basin with easily removable fiberglass modular cover and on-board electrical control panel with IP 55 protection.

All Biocombi systems use polypropylene parallel discs for biological treatment and free-fiber cloth filters, in the drum version, for sludge separation. This is even in situations of varying loads, which the system can withstand at high levels.

Advantages of these systems include low energy use, easy maintenance, compact size, consistent performance, and quiet operation free of unpleasant odors.

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Biocombi for Mirabello Ciria

Biocombi Compact Systems for a Wastewater Treatment Plant

MITA Water Technologies supplied the Biocombi© BC 15/2 compact plant for biological and tertiary treatment of wastewater at the Mirabello Ciria plant.

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