Supporti per Biofilm Margherita

Margherita Biofilm Filling Materials

for percolating filters

Margherita biofilm filling materials are a new generation of percolator filter fills. They are made of polypropylene and have a flower shape that allows for optimal distribution within the filter. Margherita filling materials provide a high development surface area for biomass, reducing the oxygen demand of bacteria and improving wastewater treatment.

High efficiency.

High efficiency. Biofilm filling materials promote the growth of a layer of bacteria with great efficiency in terms of biodegradation and pollutant removal.

Minimal energy use.

Minimal energy use. Natural bacterial activity is exploited for pollutant degradation activity, with the energy input of the whole plant much lower than other solutions.

Low clogging.

Low clogging. These systems are designed to allow uniform water flow.

Margherita supports for biofilm: description and operation

Percolating filters are designed to meet the oxygen demand of aerobic bacteria, which carry out biodegradation of organic matter, before the water is sent into natural waterways.

In this context, Margherita fill materials for percolator filters provides a high development surface area for biomass within percolator beds. It is made entirely of polypropylene and possesses a high degree of vacuum. Its shape allows for optimal distribution within circular percolator beds, with quick and easy filling operations.

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