Filtri a Sabbia per uno Studio di Ingegneria in Irlanda

Sand Filters for an Engineering Firm in Ireland

Sand filters are a classic solution for tertiary treatment of municipal water: they are the solution proposed to an Irish engineering firm for the water treatment of a civil plant in Ireland. Ten FS 6/1.5 model filters for effective removal of suspended solids in the effluent.

  • Irish engineering firm for municipal water
  • Need to break down suspended solids
  • Installation of ten sand filters model FS 6/1.5
Irish engineering firm for civil installations
Interlocutor type
Engineering firm
Scope of application
Municipal Wastewater
Application field
Municipal Utilities
List of customer requirements
Suspended solids abatement
Input flow rate
750 m3/h constant
Input SST
20 mgTSS/l

Upstream treatment chain
Decanter (clarification of turbid water)

Technologies supplied
No. 10 sand filters FS 6/1.5
Output TSS
<10 mgTSSl
Key to Success
Attention to design and installation detail

1. Installation context

In 2014, an engineering firm in Ireland contacted MITA Water Technologies for the abatement of suspended solids in a local civil plant: the aim is to implement tertiary treatment, thus with high quality water output. Constant average plant flow rate of 750 m3/h, total suspended solids (TSS) concentration at inlet 20 mg/l TSS.

As for the treatment chain, a decanter for wastewater clarification is already installed upstream of the solution to be supplied.

2. Proposed solution

There are three peculiarities of Filtrasand sand filters proposed to the Irish engineering firm: high efficiency in removing suspended solids, low investment in acquisition and management, unique backwashing system with raw water (instead of filtered water).

The ten filters supplied by MITA Water Technologies are of the FS 6/1.5 type: 6 meters high, 6.15 m2 net filtering area per device.

The sand filters are designed to remove suspended solids in the water through the continuous regeneration filtration process: water is passed in an upward direction through a bed of filter sand, which retains the suspended solids while the cleaned water is collected at the top of the filter.

3. Results and key success factors

Treated effluent has an outlet suspended solids concentration of less than 10 mgTSS/l, thus meeting the required water quality requirements. Limits required by local regulations are of course met.

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