Filtri a Tela Pile per il Depuratore di San Rocco

Pile Cloth Media Filters for the San Rocco Sewage Treatment Plant

The implementation of MITA Water Technologies pile cloth media filters enabled Brianza Acque to achieve optimal filtration of municipal water in the municipality of San Rocco (Monza province, Italy). The customized solution led to outstanding results, meeting the customer’s needs and improving the quality of the water treated and for reuse.

  • Supply of 12 cloth filters with gravity filtration technology
  • Output of SST < 5 mg/l with a maximum flow rate of > 13,500 m³/h
  • Reliability, experience and made-in-Italy technology
MM spa - public entity
San Rocco, Province of Monza (Italy)
Interlocutor type
Plant Installer
Scope of application
Civil Wastewater
Application field
Municipal Utilities
List of customer requirements
- Better performance from the filtration section

- Having a reliable supplier

- Supplier experience on the outcome

- Made-in-Italy technology
Input flow rate
- Maximum flow rate: >13,500 m³/h

- Average flow rate: 7,500 m³/h

- Black peak flow rate: 10,500 m³/h
Input SST
- Expected weighted average SST: 10 mg/l

- Guaranteed mean SSTs: 15 mg/l

- Maximum SSTs: 35 mg/l
Upstream treatment chain
Secondary sedimentation
Technologies supplied
No. 12 cloth filters model MSF 32/160 PPC HD (32 discs, total filter area 160 m2)
Output TSS
SST < 5 mg/l (100% of samples with input 10 ÷ 35 mg/l)
- Supply

- Transportation

- Assembly assistance

- Start-up and testing

Key to Success
Speed of execution, quality and reliability of the proposed solution

1. Context of Installation

In 2022, the public body MM spa needs to improve the performance of the filtration section of the public sewage treatment plant in San Rocco (Monza province, Italy). It is decisive for the supplier to rely on an experienced supplier and quality made-in-Italy technology.

All this against a high volume of water flow: over 13,500 m³/h maximum flow rate, with an average flow rate of 7,500 m³/h and average peak flow rate of 10,500 m³/h. According to the studies conducted, the inlet water has an expected weighted average total suspended solids (SST) content of 10 mg/l and maximum SST of 35 mg/l.

2. Proposed solution

MITA Water Technologies offers the supply and installation of 12 free fiber cloth filters, model MSF 32/160 PPC HD: 32 filtering discs for 160 m2 total filtering surface area. These filters use gravity filtration technology: their configuration achieves high efficiency in the removal of suspended solids, ensuring an SST output of less than 5 mg/l. Due to their large filter surface area, the filters are also able to handle the required flow rate and maintain optimal performance even during peak loads.

Installation of the filters is followed directly at MITA Water Technologies, which also provides Brianza Acqueque with installation, transportation, installation assistance, start-up and testing services.

3. Results and key success factors

The proposed solution meets the customer’s needs in terms of improved performance, reliability and energy savings.

The key success factors: speed of project execution, confirmation of the quality of treated effluent, and reliability of the proposed solution.

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