Efficientamento di un Impianto di Depurazione con Filtri a Tela Pile

Efficientamento di un Impianto di Depurazione con Filtri a Tela Pile

Acque Novara, a public utility in the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, needed to improve the performance of Gravellona Toce’s municipal water treatment system. MITA Water Technologies responded to the needs by supplying three free-fiber cloth filters, each with 12 discs and a filtering surface area of 60m². The made-in-Italy technology and speed of execution were successful.

  • Replacement of old water treatment systems with pile cloth filters
  • TSS concentration from 35 mg/l to only 10 mg/l
  • Excellent performance in tertiary treatment of municipal water
Acque Novara - public management entity
Gravellona Toce, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola Province (Italy)
Interlocutor type
Scope of application
Municipal Wastewater
Application field
Municipal Utilities
List of customer requirements
- Replacing existing filters for better performance

- Having a reliable supplier

- Supplier experience on the outcome

- Made-in-Italy technology
Input flow rate
- Maximum flow rate 1,125 mc/h

- Average flow rate 325 mc/h
Input SST
35 mg/l
Upstream treatment chain
Secondary sedimentation
Technologies supplied
No. 3 cloth filters model MSF 12/60 PEC (12 discs, filtering area 60m2 per machine)
Output TSS
< 10 mg/l
- Supply

- Transportation

- Assembly assistance

- Start-up and testing
Key to Success
Speed of execution, quality and reliability of the proposed solution

1. Context of installation

Acque Novara, a public agency operator in the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (Italy), needed to replace the existing filters of the public sewage treatment plant in order to achieve better performance in treating municipal water in Gravellona Toce.

2. Proposed solution

Acque Novara turned to MITA Water Technologies. MITA proposed the use of three pile (or “free-fiber”) cloth filters, model MSF 12/60 PEC, each equipped with 12 discs and a filtering surface area of 60m² per device. This advanced filtration technology was integrated into the downstream supply chain of the secondary sedimentation process. Some of the services provided to the partner, in addition to the supply of the machinery: on-site transportation, assembly assistance, machine start-up and testing.

3. Results and key success factors

The cloth filters supplied by MITA Water Technologies exceeded expectations. They successfully handled a maximum flow rate of 1,125 cu m/h and an average flow rate of 325 cu m/h, ensuring optimal operating efficiency. In addition, the concentration of total suspended solids (TSS) at the inlet, which was 35 mg/l, was reduced to only 10 mg/l at the outlet, significantly improving the quality of treated water.

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