MITA Lifecycle Services: product quality and reliability over time

MITA Lifecycle Services

MITA Water Technologies really takes care of equipment design and construction.

We are aware that quality and reliability must be guaranteed throughout the useful product life: this has led us to propose a series of additional assistance services aimed at operation optimization and economic impact reduction for our customers.

That is why we have planned a series of MITA Lifecycle Services.

MITA Team 14/11/2023

1. Lifecycle Services at glance

We can now provide our customers a complete range of services.


MITA Team 14/11/2023

2. To learn more about MITA Lifecycle Services

Customers can learn more about all these services visiting our specific web page.

Our team will be always available by e-mail as well:

MITA Team 14/11/2023

3. Solutions by MITA Water Technologies

MITA Lifecycle Services integrate a wide range of wastewater treatment systems.

  • Cloth filters.
  • Biocombi – compact plants for small communities.
  • Biorulli – rotating biological contactors.
  • Further solutions for all treatment needs (from pre-treatment to tertiary filtration).

Here a complete list.

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MITA Team 14/11/2023