MITA Pile Cloth Filters on BIM Databases

Filtri a Tela Pile su Banche Dati BIM

Ultra-high-efficiency pile cloth filters are now also on Skeinforce: a BIM database from which engineers and design firms can download revit files of MITA Water Technologies’ solutions and integrate them into wastewater treatment plant drawings.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry because of its ability to digitally represent the physical and functional characteristics of an object. BIM files also associate technical and physical attributes with design data, enabling greater interoperability between software and processes used in engineering.

MITA pile cloth filters on Skeinforce include:

  • detailed technical drawings in accordance with PAS 1192 and COBie international standards;
  • product information, including dimensions, performance and technical specifications;
  • 3D models that allow realistic visualization of the filters within a design.

Here are the pile cloth filters currently on the Skeinforce data band:

  • PEC disk filters,
  • PECV vertical axis disk filters,
  • PPC disk filters at low installed powers.

Skeinforce is a BIM platform accessible from all over the world, used mainly by engineers and equipment manufacturers. With its resources, it enables users to create, share and manage BIM models easily and efficiently.

“The BIM platform offers an innovative way to share product information and simplify the design and construction process” , says Tommaso Pittini, general manager of MITA Water Technologies. “We believe this is an important step in making our wastewater treatment solutions even more accessible to civil and industrial wastewater treatment specialists”.

MITA pile cloth filter files can be downloaded from here.

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MITA Team 01/07/2024