Industrial Refrigeration Solutions for Various Professionals

Each customer has his own technical solution... and service

For our part, we listen to and gather information from our stakeholders: operations managers and contractors, engineers, design consultants. And we propose the best solution according to the needs identified together. One plus we can offer you: a single point of contact throughout the design and installation phases.

    Industrial refrigeration that meets your (individual) needs

    In every industrial refrigeration project we are used to meeting different stakeholders:

    • The entrepreneur, often of an SME, who is concerned that his company and its machinery do not have production stoppages. His credibility in front of his customers is at stake.
    • The plant manager, who has to keep everything running ‘like clockwork’ and cannot worry too much about a single refrigeration or cooling system. Simplicity and reliability are the key words.
    • The engineering firm, which takes over the design of an entire plant from the end user. The more reliable the refrigeration consultant is (and willing to exchange technical information), the less critical the project will be.

    For our part, we think that these different professionals and needs can appreciate a common point: to be able to count on a single point of contact for industrial refrigeration, able to provide integrated systems (including sub-supplies) and complete services before, during and after installation.
    Think it’s time to put us to the test?