MITA partners with Nexom to bring globally-renowned cloth disk filter to North America

Nexom Nuovo Distributore di MITA Water Technologies in Nord America
  • Nexom will be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of MITA Water Technologies’ pile cloth disk filters in North America
  • MITA has more than 25 years’ experience building disk filters, with more than 600 installations worldwide
  • Nexom will build MITA cloth disk filters in the United States, to be fully compliant with Build America/Buy America (BABA) requirements

MILAN, ITALY (Sep 19, 2022): MITA Water Technologies (MITA) of Siziano, Italy and Nexom of Winnipeg, Canada have signed an agreement whereby Nexom, an Axius Water company, will be the exclusive North American manufacturer and distributor of MITA’s cloth disk filters for water and wastewater filtration.

MITA has been supported by BE Partner as financial advisor and Studio Biscozzi Nobili Piazza as legal advisor.

Since the Italian production of cloth disk filters launched 25 years ago, more than 600 of the filters have been installed at treatment facilities worldwide. Because the technology is easily scalable, it has been installed at both small and large treatment plants, including multiple very large facilities that treat flows between 75 and 150 million gallons per day (MGD).

“MITA and Nexom are aligned in our strong focus on solving the growing challenges associated with water reuse, nutrient removal, energy efficiency, space constraints and sustainability at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities”, says Nexom CEO Martin Hildebrand. Adds MITA CEO Alessandro Fontana, “This strategic relationship further emphasizes the sharing of know-how in new applications for cloth filters and continued development of the products, enabling our two companies to strengthen our positions for continued growth and ability to deliver critical solutions to our customers”.

Nexom New Distributor in North America

Nexom will take advantage of Axius Water capabilities and manufacturing locations in the U.S. that will allow the product to fully comply with Build America/Buy America (BABA) restrictions on funding for water and wastewater treatment projects.

The MITA Cloth Disk Filter, as it will be known in North America, is notable for having the smallest footprint with the lowest hydraulic profile among comparable cloth disk filters. Nexom will offer the traditional horizontal disk configurations with unique factory-installed backwash system and access platforms, as well as the MITA exclusive plug-and-play vertical disk configurations.

All MITA Cloth Disk Filters are capable of meeting 5 mg/L of total suspended solids (TSS) using the available 5 µm or 10 µm pile cloth media. Where effluent phosphorus regulations exist, the MITA Cloth Disk Filter can be configured to reduce phosphorus down to <0.1 mg/L. The filters can also be used to address stormwater or combined sewer overflow (CSO) management needs.

A vertical-shaft MITA Cloth Disk Filter will be on display at WEFTEC 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana, in Nexom’s booth #5925, with experts from both MITA in Italy and Nexom’s filtration group onsite as well to introduce visitors to the full range of MITA Cloth Disk Filters.



About MITA Water Technologies

Since 1971, this Italian based experienced and highly dedicated team has been solving problems for customers in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, providing reliable and sustainable equipment such as cloth disc filters, rotating biological contactors (biodiscs) and Biocombi (biodisc + cloth filter). For additional information about MITA Water Technologies, please visit

About Nexom

Since 1997, Nexom has provided engineers and operators with turnkey biological, filtration, and lagoon-based water and wastewater technology solutions with a focus on nutrient removal. At more than 800 installations worldwide, operators utilize proprietary Nexom technologies to achieve regulatory compliance of pollutants, including ammonia, phosphorus, nitrate, biological oxygen demand (BOD), and wastewater reuse.



About Axius Water

In partnership with XPV Water Partners and KKR, Axius Water is a portfolio company in KKR’s Global Impact Fund which invests in companies that deliver impact through their products or services. Axius differentiated products and services improve the effectiveness of the wastewater treatment process, thereby measurably improving the quality of treated water. The platform is expanding globally as we build a diversified portfolio of operating companies that offer leading solutions that improve the overall wastewater management processes.

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