MITA Cloth Filters in a Degree Thesis at the University of Pavia

Filtri a Tela MITA in una Tesi di Laurea

It is important for a company to evolve its research and development also through the external support of external organizations and entities: in particular, collaborations with young undergraduate engineers are always a valuable moment of exchange between study knowledge and field experience.

For this reason, we are very pleased that Lorenzo Cobianchi, a graduate student in the master’s degree program in Environmental and Territorial Engineering at the University of Pavia, decided to write his graduate dissertation with us, through an analysis on the pilot filtration unit installed at a customer. In his study, he dealt with “Control and verification of the operation of two pilot-scale filtering textile media at the Lacchiarella (MI) wastewater treatment plant”: dissertation supervisor Prof. Arianna Callegari, company rapporteurs Eng. Andrea Ponzano and Eng. Augusto Losio.

Pilot tests are an important tool to gather information about the water treatment customer’s plant needs, both in civil and industrial settings: in this way, the correct sizing for the specific needs of the plant served can be identified. On the other hand, free-fiber cloth filters are an extremely efficient tertiary filtration solution.

As MITA Water Technologies, we thank Lorenzo for his commitment during these months and for his valuable contribution to our group.


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MITA Team 14/11/2023