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Tertiary Filtration for Wastewater Treatment: overview, regulations, technologies

Tertiary filtration, or final filtration, is a set of processes and technologies that are part of the larger set of tertiary wastewater treatments. One goal: to enable civil wastewater treatment plants and process industries to achieve a very high level of water quality.

The Complexity of Wastewater Treatment International Business

Wastewater treatment business is a court where different types of players engage. Dealing with such a complex market is a challenge for any Export Manager of equipment supplying companies. Every single contributor will have different views, goals and technical focuses.

Applications of Pile Cloth Disc Filters

Cloth filtration is a cost-effective and technologically-advanced method to face these challenges. Cloth filters efficiently remove solids form the secondary treatment stages as well as flocs coming produced by coagulation and flocculation stages.

Vertical Cloth Filters: Tertiary Filtration for Small Footprint

Stringent regulations, limited space, tight installation budgets, and, in the future, scarcity of the water resource: what is the optimal solution for engineering firms and environmental consultants facing these challenges? In many civil, but especially industrial facilities, versatile vertical cloth filters are the answer.

Overview of Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial wastewater can be defined as all industrial process water or industry effluent. On the other hand, it is improper to speak of primary, secondary or tertiary treatment in industrial settings (such as for municipal water treatment plants).

Overview of Tertiary Filtration for Industrial Water

Industrial water filtration systems are useful when it is necessary to be compliant with increasingly restrictive environmental regulations and to obtain a high-quality final effluent. Tertiary filtration is particularly convenient when space availability is limited. Industries often leverage on it when wastewater reuse and recycle within the production cycle is needed.