Applications of Pile Cloth Disc Filters

Applicazioni dei Filtri a Dischi su Tela Pile

Most Wastewater Treatment Plants have primary and aeration stages. In general, these processes give good quality effluents which comply the required discharge consent conditions. There are, however, many situations where tertiary treatment steps are needed. For instance, in advanced countries all wastewater from medium and large communities goes to existing wastewater treatment plants. The ever-increasing impact of human activity, in addition to the number of sensitive areas identified by authorities, leads to ever-tighter discharge consent conditions for Suspended Solids, BOD and Phosphorus.

On the other hand, in countries with a dry climate, effluent must be disposed onto the land or even used for irrigation, thus water quality must be higher than normal, requiring disinfection. Disinfection with UV is dependent on a low suspended solids content to be efficient.

Not only matters of market maturity and climate considerations must be considered. New focuses and challenge arise: the presence of micro plastics in both water and wastewater are now under the spotlight and could be removed by more efficient tertiary filtration. Moreover, rainwater catchments are not always taken into account in traditional WwTPs, thus rainwater has to pass through the WWTP. A simple filtration step after the primary treatment stage can help to avoid overloading the biological treatment stage.

Cloth filtration is a cost-effective and technologically-advanced method to face these challenges. Cloth filters efficiently remove solids from the secondary treatment stages as well as flocs coming produced by coagulation and flocculation stages. Suspended Solids, BOD, Phosphorus and micro-plastics can be reduced down to acceptable limits.

Cloth filters have clear advantages over other filtration technologies (e.g. sand filters, micromesh filtration) such as footprint, energy-saving and the flexibility and capacity to handle solids peaks.

MITA Water Technologies s.r.l. have been designing and building their Pile Cloth Disc filters for more than 30 years, with more than 900 installations and providing the customers with lifetime support for these installed filters. There is a programme of continuing technical development to meet the demands of the market.

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