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Cloth filtration for Sant’Antonino Ticino wastewater treatment plant

The wastewater treatment plant of Sant’Antonino Ticino is property of the voluntary Consorzio “Tutela Arno Rile e Tenore” which includes 25 Municipalities of the Province of Varese.

MITA Water Technologies S.r.l. has contributed to the construction of the tertiary treatment section of the Lonate Pozzolo water treatment plant in San Antonino Ticino locality.

These were the objectives of the intervention:

  • removal of suspended solids that can escape from secondary settling and those formed in the post-precipitation section of phosphorus, placed upstream of the cloth filtration section;
  • compliance with the value set for the SST parameter for discharge into a surface water body, according to Italian Legislative Decree No. 152/99.

The treated water comes out of the secondary settling tanks and possibly further treated in the post-precipitation section. Then it is sent to the tertiary filtration section made with disk filters, where the filtering medium is made of Polstoff free-fiber cloth.

From here the filtered waters with a very low SST content (generally <5 mg SST / l) are sent to the drain.

MITA Water Technologies has provided 12 disc filters type MSF 24/120 PPC, each having a filtering area of 120 m2, for a total of 1,440 m2.


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